November 07, 2007

No, I can’t really afford it.  And I know, neither can you. Not really. There are other pressing concerns—overdue taxes, dental work, dog bones, student loans. But COME ON, people. With its one-day, $4.3 million fund-raiser, the Ron Paul campaign just demonstrated its viability, its chance to rock the world of the sold out Republican party with real conservative principles. Imagine Ron Paul with the money to stick out the race to the end, to dog Giuliani’s footsteps every inch of the way, and appear at the convention with dozens of delegates demanding the right to speak. To speak truth to power.

So I sent Ron Paul $500 here, and emailed each of my friends asking them to do the same. At least two did, and went on to ask the same of their friends. That’s a powerful multiplier effect—for each friend you convince to emulate your gift, you double the bang for your buck. And they can go on to do the same.

We can make a difference, we Americans. This may be our last chance.


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