November 30, 2010

The upshot is that we are in the fast lane for U.S. airports”€™ complete “Israelification.” Then we will be safe. We have to emulate those all-knowing, hard-nosed Israelis, who are experts at dealing with swarthy Arab terrorists, right? This has been suggested by former El Al security chief Isaac Yeffet, who now runs a New Jersey consulting business.

The Jews who relocated to Palestine from Russia, Poland and eastern Europe starting in the 1920’s, under the sponsorship and mantel of the British Empire, displaced the native Arab inhabitants. Once the British Empire collapsed after the Second World War, the luckless Palestinians were left in harms way, at the mercy of these immigrant Zionist Jews from another world. This created a tremendous problem, of course, which has been transferred to America. We are now stuck with it, because our politicians say so. Washington’s politicians—the most blind, blockheaded and opportunistic in the world—need a dependable flow of campaign contributions and the good will of the Israel Lobby to advance their careers. What could be more obvious? Rein n’arrive par hasard.

Zionists such as Yeffet and Netanyahu and their American cheerleaders feel no shame in instructing us how to deal with a nightmare they created. They have succeeded in getting us to identify ourselves with them. We drank their Kool-Aid and embarked on a crusade. Hence, we are under siege. The Arabs did not like it when the Jews moved in and subjugated Palestine. Would you? When America and Europe did nothing to rectify a worsening situation, some Arabs began devising serious difficulties for those supporting the Jewish neocolonialist enterprise. It was terrorism in response to state terrorism. Such a response is not new or even surprising. It should have been expected. Palestinians have little left to lose. They have lost their homes and villages, almost their entire country.

On the other hand, we in the West have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Thus, there is no end in sight.



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