March 05, 2024

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Last week, murdered college student Laken Riley trended on Twitter, with conservatives pointing out, correctly, that Biden hadn’t said a word about the young life that was violently taken by one of his beloved illegals.

Author/strategist Ryan James Girdusky tweeted, “If only people went to the streets to demand change in the name of Laken Riley, like they did for George Floyd.” Ryan, one of the sharpest young guys on the scene today, was making a rhetorical point.

But all the same, I’d like to address it.

A day or so after Ryan’s tweet, an Air Force dumbass named Aaron Bushnell immolated himself outside the Israeli Embassy in D.C. Prior to becoming Mr. Burns, the boyish ginger declared that he was striking a blow against “the ruling class” by reducing himself to ash in the name of “freeing Palestine” from “the colonizers.”

“It wasn’t the border that motivated Trump’s detritus to storm the Capitol on J6; it was the notion of battling the fixers!”

Bushnell was a self-described “anarchist” from San Antonio—a known breeding ground for anarchists (“Yee-haw! I just rustled me up some Bakunin!”). Within hours of Bushnell’s Texas BBQ, a certain segment of MAGA magically forgot all about Laken Riley. It was a perfect illustration of the “distracted boyfriend” meme: white dude hanging with Riley loses interest when a Jew-hating charred corpse walks past.

To be clear, most ordinary MAGAs were not mourning Bushnell. But the MAGAs who were—and this addresses Ryan Girdusky’s point—were the ones most likely to “go to the streets.” The Charlottesville types. Indeed, the MAGAs weeping for burning Bushnell were the ones at the intersection of Tucker Carlson, Stew Peters, Nick Fuentes, and Alex Jones. Jones’ wacky conspiracies, Peters taking those conspiracies and casting them as Jewish plots, Fuentes’ youthful street activism and meme-savvy Jew-hatred, and Tucker’s innovative coalition of MAGAs and anti-establishment, anti-Israel leftists like Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Tracey, Aaron Maté, and Max Blumenthal.

It matters not the size of this dank corner of MAGA; I’m not discussing votes. What matters is, here’s your street warriors. Your brawlers. And one white girl dead at the hands of a bean border-jumper will not motivate them.

These are big men with big dreams (until the feds arrest them, at which point they cry like little girls). They’re only interested in big game; they want to take down the brains of the operation, not the semi-retarded bean illegals and black street hoods. Here lies, and I’m repeating myself from earlier columns, the risk in the rise of blatant anti-Jewishness in that dank but vocal corner of MAGA: It makes the activists less interested in pedestrian matters involving brown “refugees” and black thugs. More than that, it breeds sympathy for the people actually doing physical harm to ordinary white Americans. The notion of the Jew as the “big bad” who plays all the innocent races against each other does nothing but sow sentimentality for the poor widdle blacky wapists and the dear widdle bwownie murderers.

Because we’re all just victims of the Jews!

I’ve been walking among far-rightists—gutter rightists, not the classy kind—my entire adult life. At heart, most of these losers are sentimentalists, because they’re losers. There’s a part of them, desperately desiring to excuse their failures in life, that craves brotherhood with other losers—yes, even blacks and browns—against a common elite foe…the one who ruined us both! The one who keeps us both down!

That’s why Trump was so effortlessly able to shift from fighting immigration to fighting the “Deep State.” The border is what motivated voters in 2016. But to the Trump cultists who’ve made the cult their identity, the border pales in comparison to the importance of fighting the elites. It wasn’t the border that motivated Trump’s detritus to storm the Capitol on J6; it was the notion of battling the fixers! The manipulators! Trump could never mention the border again and his diehards wouldn’t care. They want him to go after the masterminds!

Pre-Trump (1989/1990), thousands of “patriots” would drive to the U.S. Mexico border night after night as part of the “light up the border” movement, in which car and truck headlights were aimed at the Mexican side, blinding and discouraging illegal crossers. This was a big deal at the time, and it actually led to a couple of border-tightening legislative successes. I’m not suggesting anything like that could work today (certainly not in California anymore), but the point is, those MAGAs who are open to physical confrontation wouldn’t do it even if it were proposed as a strategy.

They don’t want to catch small fish. A scared little brown boy shivering in the desert would melt their mawkish hearts. These MAGAs want the Jews! The global exploiters who set that poor little brown boy on his desperate journey.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine who’s a prominent figure on the right (the classy right, not my gutter right) chastised me over lunch for devoting too much space to guys like Stew Peters. And I get it; from my friend’s perspective, it’s all “who’s Stew Peters?”

But for me, when it comes to politics, I’m like a black man lookin’ at a naked girl: I focus on the ass-end. Fish do not rot from the head down. As with most animals, rot starts in the gut, where the bacteria dwells. Millions of microbial organisms, ineffectual on their own, but when they get together in large enough numbers, you get stank, and rot.

Peters, the rightist host/influencer who’s gone from producing the fraudulent Died Suddenly film to advocating Holocaust denial to last week applauding as a guest called for direct physical violence against Jews, is MAGA inner circle. His podcast pals have included Paul Gosar, Mark Meadows, Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, Mike Flynn, Pete Navarro, and Kari Lake. Peters has been throwing around a lot of money recently. He’s very well funded because certain donors see him as the future of MAGA, and they may be right: One of his acolytes just got the endorsement of a mainstream newspaper in a Super Tuesday GOP primary.

I’ll report on the outcome of that race next week, after the results are in. But to be clear, Peters had a guest on his show last week who said it’s time to “fight physically” against the Jews, to which Peters replied, “I agree a thousand percent,” adding “grab a weapon.” And now a Peters collaborator is this close to winning a major GOP primary with a major press endorsement.

What a mess. But this is where we are, and someone’s gotta cover it, so it might as well be me since these far-right hell-circles are my briar patch. Stopping crime, closing the border, these are simple things with simple solutions that both parties used to acknowledge. This shit’s not byzantine. But rightist “sooper-sleuths” on the hunt for Baron Rothschild and his directed-energy weapons make it byzantine. The simple stuff—the electorally effective stuff—bores the likes of Peters, Carlson, and Jones. So no, MAGAs are not gonna “take to the streets” over Laken Riley, and if they did, if you twisted some arms and got a hundred MAGAs to show up for a demonstration on her behalf, they’d arrive in Camp Auschwitz shirts and swastika hats, alienating voters and likely forcing Riley’s parents to denounce the event.

But “dank corner” MAGAs sure as hell will immolate over the Jews. And the sentimentality I mentioned earlier regarding the “brotherhood of losers” goes deeper than race. Hence Tucker’s genius innovation of bringing in the anti–“Deep State,” anti-Israel leftists like Dore, Tracey, Greenwald, Maté, and Blumenthal. Because just as Jew-hatred allows losers of all colors to unite, Tuck’s cross-ideological lovefest allows those same losers to say, “Liberal or conservative, we really are all brothers! It’s the global Jew octopus wot plays us against each other!”

After that Air Force idiot fricasseed himself last week (dude stood military-style erect while engulfed in flames for 41 seconds before collapsing! Let’s see some pansy-ass Buddhist vegetarian do that), the typical conservative influencers did the typical conservative thing and scanned Bushnell’s social media so they could proclaim, “He was a liberal! He was a liberal!”

That’s what most of you want to hear. A guy like Andy Ngo only kngows how to play that one simple tune: liberal (boo!) vs. conservative (yay!). But the real story is that the flaming faggot occupied a place on the anti-Israel (and by extension anti-Biden) left that’s home to a great, and growing, amount of crossover with MAGA. That’s why I was more interested in the MAGAs who were weeping for the guy. And those MAGAs were giving him the kind of props they’d never waste on some dumb ol’ murdered nursing student, as they directed hate against Israel that they’d never direct against the dumb ol’ bean who murdered the dumb ol’ nursing student.

That nobody’s going to immolate themselves over Laken Riley is a good thing; it’s an idiotic way to register discontent. Border issues and rampant crime need only inspire enough passion to get people to vote; save the matches for the cigars once MAGA finally wins an actual election again.

The problem is, Trump’s single-issue 2016 immigration campaign is ancient history. He seems less-than-interested in it, as does his base. To paraphrase Dennis Miller, calling Trump the “build the wall candidate” is like calling O.J. Simpson a “Heisman-winning rusher.” Yeah, at one time that’s what he was known for. Then other shit happened.

Trump’s best bet is that Biden continues to fumble the border. But relying on the other guy to screw up while offering little on your own is never a sound strategy (or did you learn nothing from Fetterman v. Oz?).

And now, with the GOP presidential primary having concluded way earlier than expected (Nikki Haley can pray to a parade of multi-armed elephants, it ain’t gonna save her), you have the worst aspects of the MAGA base—the vocal, belligerent, aggressive, enemy-hunting sooper-sleuths—with a lot of time on their hands. At least when they were going after DeSantis, they stayed away from Jews. But now? They’re like toddlers, plopped in front of the TV by their mom to watch their favorite Disney film so she can sleep for a few hours, but the DVD breaks and the screen goes blank so now they’re gonna run around the house getting into God knows what…for the next eight months!

And these dank-corner MAGA toddlers’ overactive little minds are gonna be restless. And it’s just gonna take one of ’em to heed the advice of Stew Peters and “grab a weapon” to “fight physically” against “the Jews” and presto, Biden’s bumbles get tossed from the news cycle.

And that’s why I cover these things. To try to nip this kind of shit in the bud.

This was a long way to go to answer my friend from our lunch dispute. But I have an ironclad rule: I don’t argue politics over food.

It ruins a good meal.


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