February 08, 2024

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The crisis at the border is the No. 1 issue with voters, and it’s killing the Democrats. To my surprise, my party — the stupid party — has done something smart (which Fox News tried to talk them out of). They’ve forced Democrats to vote on the impeachment of the man orchestrating the invasion, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The Democrats know that if they don’t shift the blame for President Biden’s immigration policies to the GOP, they could get slaughtered this fall. They might even get Trump reelected.

Their plan: Work with open-borders, amnesty-supporting Republicans to concoct an immigration “deal” that’s way worse than what we have now. If Republicans are fool enough to vote for it, then they own the border crisis. And if they reject it, the media will never stop telling us that it was a fantastic bill, it would have totally shut down illegal immigration, but Republicans rejected it for churlish reasons.

“Under written federal law, no illegals should be getting in.”

The most cursory glance at the immigration “deal” shows that it would do absolutely nothing to protect the border — and a lot to make things worse.

One example of many: The deal expressly provides for up to 5,000 illegals to come into our country every day. That’s 2 million a year, or about twice as many as under Presidents Bush and Obama. Biden can admit more, but that’s the bare minimum of illegals to be admitted. It’s as if Senate negotiators were playing a trick to see how many members of Congress actually read the bill.

Republicans seem poised to reject this monstrosity. But keeping bad things from happening is a pretty low bar, insurmountable only by Sen. James Lankford and Fox News. It’s when we get to the Moving the Ball Forward step that the GOP usually chokes.

Impeaching Mayorkas would have moved the ball forward. Unfortunately, his impeachment was blocked this week by three cretinous House Republicans: Ken Buck of Colorado, Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Tom McClintock of California. You can get some Republicans not to step on a rake all of the time, and all Republicans not to step on a rake some of the time, but you can’t get all Republicans not to step on a rake all of the time.

Fortunately, a vote on Mayorkas’ impeachment can be brought up again, and, if Republicans aren’t trying to lose, it should be. Over and over and over again.

The Democrats’ control of the media can muddy the waters on the heinous immigration bill. Republicans need something dramatic to prove irrefutably that, no matter what individual Democrats say, they’re all rooting for the destruction of America.

The only way to lay the blame for the immigration Armageddon at Democrats’ feet, where it belongs, is to make them vote on Mayorkas’ impeachment. (You always forget this, Republicans, but you don’t have the media.)

Biden keeps claiming he’s dying to enforce the border, if only Congress would pass a law giving him the tools to do so.

You’re probably asking yourself, Didn’t it ever occur to any previous Congress to give the president authority to stop illegals at our border?

Why, yes, it did! In fact, the law requires that the president detain illegals at the border — even the dearly beloved asylum applicants.

None of the “migrants” Biden is admitting have a credible fear of persecution, the requirement for asylum. Not one. They’re coming here for the welfare and criminal opportunities after having wrecked their own countries.

But even those found to have a credible fear of persecution must be detained until their cases have been fully adjudicated. (Section 235(b)(1)(B)(ii) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act.) Under written federal law, no illegals should be getting in.

These are laws on the books that have been banged out by Republicans and Democrats, negotiating over generations of Congresses, and signed into law by presidents of both parties.

Mayorkas is openly breaking the law.

Democrats claim that Republicans are trying to impeach Mayorkas over a mere “policy dispute,” not “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

This is like saying Dylann Roof had a “policy dispute” with the state of South Carolina about its murder laws. Roof thought he should be allowed to gun down defenseless black people in a church, but the state disagreed. See? Policy dispute.

I’m amazed that this needs to be said, but you can’t break the law and then walk away by saying you disagree with the policy underlying the law.

That is seriously what the Democrats — plus three not-smart Republicans — are arguing.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto mocked the Mayorkas impeachment as pointless, telling Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, “he’s not going to lose his job.” Right, so what’s the point?

The point is to do what I’ve been begging Republicans to do since they won a majority in the House: Force Democrats to cast unpopular votes.

We have an important election in 10 months, there are half a dozen Senate Democrats in vulnerable seats, and, so far, they’ve been able to avoid saying anything about their party’s worst issue.

Do Democrats care that millions of criminal, terrorist and needy illegal immigrants are streaming into our country? Who knows!

Make them vote. Mayorkas is entirely responsible for the invasion. Will Democrats vote to keep him in office? How about Sens. Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona), Bob Casey (Pennsylvania), Jacky Rosen (Nevada) and Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin) — all up for reelection in conservative or semi-conservative states?

Could you at least put them in a difficult position, Republicans? If the House impeaches, Senate Democrats will be required to express an opinion.

Either they vote to remove Mayorkas, or they admit they don’t give a crap about our wide-open border. That’s a gift to every Republican running for office this year.


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