June 16, 2014

Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cárdenas was one of three researchers (his partners were Bulgarian transplants who’d relocated to Mexico) who co-invented “one of the first three oral contraceptives.” So he can be credited with inventing one-ninth of the birth-control pill, although Hispanic girls living in America are apparently ungrateful for his invention.

Manuel Mondragón “designed Mexico’s first semi-automatic rifle” around 1904. Mind you, that was a semi-automatic rifle. The world’s first fully automatic rifle was invented four years earlier.

So en total, the world can thank Mexicans for inventing nachos. Not that there’s anything wrong with nachos per se, except that they are very fattening, which may have something to do with the fact that Mexico is now the world’s fattest country.

Wikipedia is hardly the final word on anything, but how do Mexico’s seven inventors stack up to other countries’ output? Wikipedia lists 374 inventors from England, a country with less than half of Mexico’s population. It lists 200 Russian inventors, although the modern Russian Federation’s population edges out Mexico’s by 23 million or so. It features 182 French inventors in a country of 67 million, at least 100 German inventors in a notoriously intolerant nation of 80 million, and 93 Italian inventors (Italy’s population is half of Mexico’s). Even relatively tiny nations such as Belgium, Sweden, and Norway“€”combined population of 26 million”€”cranked out a total of 101 inventors notable enough to have their own Wikipedia pages. Spain, which may have provided much of the DNA for Mexico’s seven inventors, has less than 40% of Mexico’s population yet produced three times as many inventors. Jews”€”who total a mere 14 million worldwide, many of them thought to be centered in Jew Town“€”racked up an impressive 136 inventors, which on a per-capita basis really puts Mexican inventors to shame, assuming that Mexicans can be shamed.

There is obviously only one reasonable explanation for all this”€”Wikipedia is racist.

Although Anglos may or may not have “stolen” land from Mexicans, it’s obvious they didn’t steal anything in the way of technology. So toss a plate of nachos in the microwave and pop open a cerveza, America”€”you have seen your future.


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