August 05, 2007

More on the Iowa follies:

On Barack Obama’s plan to bomb and/or invade Pakistan: Giuliani is in favor, of course. Is there any crazed foreign policy “option” he wouldn’t take? Romney doesn’t want to talk to “our enemies”—but he would “keep our options quiet” in Pakistan. So, he agrees with Obama, but wouldn’t say so. George Stephanopoulos—debate host—puts up the “export democracy” second inaugural speech up there, with the “money quote”: our goal, says the Prez, is to “end tyranny in our world.” But is it, asks George?

Ron Paul: He keeps denouncing the neocons as having diverted our efforts away from fighting Al Qaeda and toward “nation-building” and attacking countries (Iraq, Iran) that had nothing to do with 9/11. Hooray!

Giuliani: “Democracy is only a theory”—and it will be even more so under a Giuliani regime.

McCain:  “Rule of law is beginning to take hold in Iraq.” Oh, and it’s “native to say we’re never going to use nuclear weapons.” Nuke ‘em, then free ‘em!

Romney: We can’t have democracy without … healthcare? Oh, the power of bromides! He denounces Ron Paul: we can’t come home as RP says. Thanks, George.

Tancredo: Still wants to bomb Mecca and Medina. Tommy Thompson, to his credit, says Tancredo “makes no sense.” Applause.

Sam Brownback: We are in a generational conflict with militant Islam. But let’s be realistic. Ok, but what does that mean? Nothing. Anything….




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