August 05, 2007

Video question on the role of the Vice President. Should there be a constitutional amendment on the role of the VP?

McCain: Jokes about the role of the VP being to ask, daily, about the health of the Prez. “There is only one President.”

Tommy Thompson: Defends Cheney.

Giuliani: Bush can use Cheney however he likes. Truman didn’t know about the Manhattan project —so we can’t have that anymore.

Romney: George and Dick kept us safe. Let’s not forget that.

Brownback: Cheney has a lot of experience, the President over-relied on that. You need someone coming in who has foreign policy experience. (Ouch!)

Ron Paul: No amendment, there’s no way to know what goes on. Cheney is more powerful than the President: Cheney is a neocon, we have drifted from our fundamental premises, and Cheney is responsible. (Hey, if he gets the anti-Cheney vote, he wins!)

Duncan Dunce Hunter: I can look the American people in the eye and say we’re all in this together. (Yes, unfortunately true.)


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