June 04, 2007

Things are looking up in Iraq, according to some, that is. We are talking to the insurgents, which is obviously a good thing, but if one believes what they have to say, one is obviously an idiot—or else, one believed Bill Clinton when he told us he never had sex with that woman. Here’s why we cannot trust the Iraqis: Baghdad is lawless because the kidnapping and murdering is done by the very Iraqi police and military we are training to keep the peace. It is as simple as that. We are training those who place the bombs and kill our troops, along with their own countrymen, needless to say. Reconstruction is nowhere to be seen. The money, of course, has long been stolen by people we placed in positions of power in order to reconstruct the country.

Iraq’s police and armed forces are part of the huge bloody joke the Iraqi government is playing on fools like Bush and Blair. Ministers are too scared to show up, and when they do, all that takes place is barter between who gets what. Their priorities are their own well-being, and personal profit for themselves and their constituencies. Maliki government ministers make the Sopranos seem dignified by comparison. Few people in America and Britain understand the depth of chaos prevailing in Iraq. The muderous anarchy will continue through the next years until a new Saddam emerges from the rubble. All that our soldiers are accomplishing is to serve as targets for Iraqi kidnappers, bombs and rockets.  In the meantime, Norman Podhoretz wants us to invade Iran. Will someone go and shove a large piece of plastic (an Improvised Intestinal Device) up his you-know-what? He’s much too ghastly for me to approach.


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