September 25, 2015

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During WWII, we had Mickey Mouse fighting the Nazis. Superman comics were devoted to killing Hitler. Today, we won”€™t even put Muslims in action movies. The bad guys are always French or German and they always want to blow up the Eiffel Tower for some stupid reason. When did we get so scared of our enemies? Fourteen hundred kids were raped in Rotherham because the police were scared of offending Muslims. Right now, young boys are getting raped while chained to Afghans”€™ beds. American soldiers who had witnessed this were told to ignore it. The worse they behave, the more we blame ourselves. If we”€™re not acting Islamophobic enough, imaginary scenarios are created to expose us. When they send actors dressed as Muslims to NASCAR, it doesn”€™t work. When they give actors anti-Muslim scripts to bark at strangers, Americans tell him to “€œmove out“€ and another gets punched in the face. When someone tries to kill Pamela Gellar, we say, “€œWhy”€™d you have to make them mad?”€

Islamophobiaphobia has permeated every facet of our lives. This week, the news cycle was all about Muslims even though they represent less than 1% of the American population and likely have very little interest in the election. Ben Carson was asked if he would be all right with a Muslim president despite the fact that no such candidate exists or has ever existed. He said no, which is the correct answer, and the black neurosurgeon was called “€œracist.”€ A heckler at a Donald Trump rally barked out some anti-Muslim comment related to Obama and Trump was blamed. You see, it’s Donald’s fault because he didn”€™t “€œchallenge“€ the heckler enough. Even Hillary Clinton got in trouble for the heckle. It’s her fault we”€™re talking about Obama being a Muslim because she didn”€™t challenge 60 Minutes enough when they asked her about it in 2008. Apparently saying “€œ[not] as far as I know”€ when asked if the president is Muslim, is Islamophobic.

This country vilifies Christianity. The gay-marriage ruling converted Catholicism into an antigovernment religion that is immoral. We fine Christians for following their faith. Islam, which has had absolutely nothing to do with building America, gets a free pass. This archaic religion that has plagued us for centuries and has followers who are inbred is the boss of us. That’s not good, because they ruin everything they touch. Look at the countries they took over. Iran used to have chicks in miniskirts working in science labs. Today these same women are being stoned to death for being raped. They”€™ve got to be the only culture in history that evolves backwards. Islam is the Benjamin Button of religions.

When you”€™re at war with radical Islam, Islamophobia is healthy and Islamophobiaphobia is deadly. The Mohameds can stay in our country, as can the other 2.2 million Muslims living here today, but they had better be on their best behavior. They share a religion with our enemies and the number of American Muslims who prefer terrorists to us is alarmingly high. You”€™re not paranoid if they”€™re really out to get you. These ingrates feed off subservience so let’s stop apologizing. If you see something, say something, and it better not be “€œsorry.”€


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