March 16, 2024

Supporters of president Michel Martelly. Cap-Haitien, 2013.

Supporters of president Michel Martelly. Cap-Haitien, 2013.

Source: Bigstock

For Joey “Sponge-Brain Sh*ts-Pants” Biden and the Democrat Left, it’s the best of times and the worst of times. As three-plus years of an intentionally erased border and the concomitant flood of over 8 million undocumented, unvetted foreigners have caused untold havoc on the safety and security of those of us who still consider ourselves to be American, roving gangs of ultra-violent, heavily armed thugs have toppled the government du jour of Haiti. So, in an election year where even many of the Democrats’ core voting blocs are absolutely up in arms about their supposed champions in government pushing them aside for a whole new crop of “undocumented” Democrat voters and welfare recipients to be, what is the response of their party? What else, but throw down the welcome mat for millions of Haitians to come here and join the tens of thousands who have already managed to get to Mexico and cross over the Rio Grande since 2021.

You can make the case that it’s political suicide, or else there’s madness in their method. A kleptocratic Haitian government devolving into violent anarchy as it’s overthrown is nothing new. Sadly, it’s the way things always have been for at least 100 years, if not longer. About the only period of stability, if you could call it that, was when François “Papa Doc” Duvalier and his son Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier controlled the country between 1957 and 1986. By controlled, I mean with an iron fist that included death squads and other human rights abuses by Duvalier’s infamous paramilitary force known as the Tonton Macoute.

In any case, how the Democrats view the inevitable tidal wave of refugees as the perfect crisis-that-should-not-be-wasted opportunity as a distraction from the erased southern border and not throwing napalm into the heart of Dresden is a mystery to me. But this is exactly what they are intent on doing. Haiti has been such a basket case for so long that I can’t even think of what their key exports are. Dysentery, poverty, voodoo, and evidently cannibalism don’t count.

“The massive waste of money and the multigenerational destruction of a people and a nation are a travesty and a sin.”

Yet they do manage to import billions of dollars in American foreign aid money that has only enriched thugs and criminals. Primarily the Clintons:

The imprint of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton is indelible. The couple’s presence and impact on the Caribbean island have brought nothing but prolonged despair for the Haitians. Their elusive and opaque deals in the country have not done anything to alleviate the country out of poverty depths. The purported interests of helping Haiti from its myriad of problems have only caused stagnation in Haiti….

Bill Clinton’s influence in Haiti ranges from the 1990s agricultural policies in Haiti that destroyed the country’s rice industry to the meddling in internal affairs and finally to the earthquake. There is a sense of permanency attached to the Clintons’ name as regards their activities in Haiti, particularly the Clinton Foundation.

When the earthquake struck, the global response was to send in donations to Haiti. But of course, that needed a commission that would be designed to have an oversight role as regards the disbursement of the various relief packages pouring through. The Clintons stepped up to lead the global response. The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) was brought into life and Bill Clinton was selected to be its co-chair. At that time, Hillary Clinton was still the Secretary of State and thus responsible for channeling USAID relief spending to Haiti….

The failure by the IHRC to rebuild Haiti is still haunting Haiti. The failed agricultural policies by the US made sure Haiti, a country that produced its own rice, would be reliant on US food to the extent that Haiti imports food from the US. Foreign aid is continuously pumped into Haiti, and no plan is made to bolster the country’s own capacity to rebuild and produce.

Haiti is still run on which business finds favor with the US, and while the Clintons were in charge of the US, they presided over all these failed policies. It is high time the onus to build Haiti shifts back to the government.

This article was from four years ago. Four years later, Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier, a former police officer who is accused of mass murder, arson, rape, and even cannibalism, is running the show. And with $5 billion in aid already down the drain since the 2010 earthquake, Biden & Co. are itching to send more money there while allowing millions of Haitians to come here. Makes perfect sense, no?

The massive waste of money and the multi-generational destruction of a people and a nation are a travesty and a sin. Those of our politicians who profited off of Haitian misery must be called to account. At the same time, what is it about the character of the Haitian people themselves that has allowed this situation to fester so horribly for so long?

In a moment of frustration, Trump exclaimed, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

[Then-President Trump] was unconvinced by a proposal to insulate immigrants from Haiti and a number of other countries from deportation; instead, according to the Washington Post, he suggested “that the United States should…bring more people from countries such as Norway” and “from Asian countries because he felt that they help the United States economically.” At the time, Trump’s colorful choice of words was “denounced across the globe,” Politico relayed gravely. But as it pertains to Haiti, at least, they may have been an understatement.

The U.S. State Department appears to have reached a similar conclusion: Last week, it urged Americans in Haiti to leave the country and directed U.S. military forces to evacuate American Embassy staff overnight.

The move couldn’t come soon enough. What is transpiring in Haiti is so post-apocalyptic—so unspeakably brutal—that it would be impossible to believe were it not for the steady stream of phone videos and first-person testimonials substantiating the media reports pouring out of the country. “Millions of Haitians Face Starvation as Gangs Aim for Total Takeover, Free 5,000 Prisoners,” reads one recent headline. “Haiti Gangs Launch Main Airport Seige, Massacring People ‘Indiscriminately’ Days After Massive Jail Break,” reports another. This weekend’s Washington Post report, titled “Haitians shot dead in the streets and there’s no one to take the corpses away,” paints a picture of the scene on the ground….

Spurred on in part by this persistent barbarism, the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbor to the east, constructed a border wall separating the two nations in 2022. The following year, as the gang violence continued to worsen on the western side of the wall, the Dominicans initiated a complete border shutdown, deploying military patrols to secure the borderlands and carrying out mass deportations to repatriate more than 176,000 Haitian migrants. Haitians protested the indignity by burning tires at the Dominican border.

Here at home, the Biden [junta] has taken more or less the opposite approach. Since fall 2022, the White House has been running a special program allowing up to 30,000 people per month to legally immigrate to the U.S. from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. As of January 2024, the program has admitted more than 357,000 into the country, including 138,000 Haitians (far more than any of the other three nationalities)….

For all the high-minded talk of “American values,” the simple and obvious truth is that when you import a large number of people from a foreign country in a short amount of time, your country begins to look more like the one those people came from. This is true in all places and in all times: Italian immigration, for example, radically altered the character of America; even now, with the Italian-American diaspora fully “assimilated,” the United States is markedly different than it would have been had they never arrived in the first place.

The same was true of Irish immigration and German immigration (a major source of concern for many of the Founding Fathers); it is true of Mexicans, and Poles, and Scots-Irish, and every other cohort that has come to America from another country in substantial numbers. To ignore that, or to refuse to examine the character of an immigrant’s home—to pretend that all nations of origin are created equal—is to embed a deep and dangerous naïveté into our immigration system.

In every instance, America today is the way it is, in part, because of the character of its immigrants, one in turn formed as the result of the character of the place from which they came. That’s the double-edged sword of “assimilation”: The people become more like their adopted home, but their adopted home also becomes more like them. Americans should think long and hard about what it would mean to become more like Haiti.

The author makes an interesting point vis-à-vis “the double-edged sword of assimilation.” No doubt the character of America as it was in 1789 is in a sense radically different from what became after the first mass wave of immigration between 1880 and 1920. But the key word here is “assimilation.” It changed, yet it was made better and stronger and arguably even more “American” in a sense than what even the Founders imagined. In the early ’20s, we shut our door for 40 years or so, in order that the millions who landed here could assimilate and become Americanized. Most important, so that their children who were to be born here could be that way the moment they arrived.

Today, not only is the word “assimilation” itself taboo, but what we are experiencing is no less than a deliberate effort to completely annihilate the character, culture, traditions, and history of this nation as it was founded and what controlled immigration with mandatory assimilation had created—the greatest, freest, most prosperous society in history. And the brainwashing of America’s native-born children to reject their birthright and heritage as evil, and demand it be replaced with the kind of tyranny their forebears fled, is just as evil, if not more so. It’s classic divide and conquer.

Looking back, the Haitians that I knew and went to school with 50 years ago in the melting pot of melting pots, Brooklyn USA, were fleeing the nightmare hellscape of the Duvaliers and for the most part, at least in my experience, became fully Americanized. In fact, it was to such an extent that they earned the enmity of native-born black Americans who, by that time, had fully bought into the toxic propaganda of Democrat-invented victimization culture, and all the rot that went with it. Bitterly ironic that black Americans have been destroyed to such an extent by the welfare state, abortion, family dissolution, and the blood libel of “institutional white supremacy” that the Democrats now have to import millions of foreign indigents to take their place at the voting booth. Yet that is the cold, hard, and simple truth as to why we have an erased border, zero immigration controls, and of course nothing even approaching any kind of program of assimilation. The fact that we have had institutionalized and government-mandated programs of bilingualism and multilingualism for decades just underscores the point.

As for Trump rightly questioning the sanity of flooding America with millions of people from “sh*thole countries,” it might sound cruel, but many times the truth is indeed cruel. Haiti has been a failed state for decades, like Mexico, much of Latin America, and a good chunk of the rest of the third world that continues to flood in, unchecked. But the D.C. junta will insist that millions of Haitians must be settled here. Along with a few million “Palestinians” from Gaza. And we’ll not only have to accept it, we’ll be forced to cheer it on as we transmogrify ourselves into Haiti itself.


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