October 18, 2023

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I’m hoping liberals’ instinct for taking the side of barbarism against civilization has taken a hit after seeing so many stories of the BLM movement bellowing their love for Palestinian terrorists paragliding into Israel to butcher, rape and kidnap thousands of Israeli civilians, including infants and elderly dementia patients. It’s hard not to notice that the most unrestrained celebrations of the Hamas killers are coming from BLM members, the “colonized,” diversity beneficiaries, the “Indigenous,” non-Western immigrants and other affirmative action cases.

You unleashed ’em, liberals!

After George Floyd died and was deified on May 25, 2020, the left’s coddling of black people (and the black-adjacent) went into overdrive. For three years, this Brahmin caste has been able to get away with anything.

“It’s always barbarians against civilization.”

They’ve gleefully dynamited historic statues, destroyed industries with their racist “equity, not equality” demands, bullied their way onto corporate boards and into every TV commercial, and openly discriminated against white men to elevate the incompetent.

They’ve shamelessly grafted multiple millions of dollars from post-Floyd “causes” like Black Lives Matter and Ibram X. Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University.

They’ve succeeded in getting the media and universities to ban words like “picnic,” “chief,” “American,” “master bedroom” and “English department.” Seriously.

And that’s to say nothing of their penalty-free shoplifting, carjacking, maiming and murdering.

But say one little thing wrong about Israel, and everybody gets upset!

Black Lives Matter Chicago put out a statement on Twitter (screw you, Elon — it’ll always be Twitter to me), exuberantly praising Hamas’ indiscriminate murder of 1,500 Israeli civilians. Under a drawing of a Palestinian paraglider, the post said, “I STAND WITH PALESTINE.”

Facing outrage, the little darlings doubled down, tweeting:

“Yesterday we sent out [messages] that we aren’t proud of. We stand with Palestine & the people who will do what they must to live free. Our hearts are with the grieving mothers, those rescuing babies from rubble, who are in danger of being wiped out completely.”

This was followed by lots more tweets about defunding the police, Stop Cop City, Israel training the Chicago police — along with more cheerleading for Hamas.

As they explained, it’s all the same thing: “Another mean zionist attempt to get us to switch sides to the genoside [sic] & shut up while they bomb away the homeland of our Palestinian fam who stood on the front lines with us against cops (who get weapons & training from where?) when they killed Laquan & tried to cover it up.”

Yes, it is the same thing. It’s always barbarians against civilization. Are liberals still OK with the monsters they’ve created? Are liberal Jews?

Ryna Workman, the black president of New York University’s School of Law Student Bar Association, issued a doozy of a statement about the attack in her weekly newsletter. She vowed her “unwavering and absolute solidarity with Palestinians in their resistance against oppression.” She held Israelis 100% responsible for their own murders, saying, “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life.”

Did I mention Workman is also nonbinary? With that bio, what couldn’t she get away with? “They” (as we’re supposed to call her) soon found out! The prestigious law firm Winston & Strawn promptly rescinded her offer of employment.

Next partners meeting: Whew! We sure dodged an affirmative action bullet with that one!

Brain teaser: Would the law firm’s offer have been withdrawn if Workman had merely burned down a police station during a BLM riot?

Cornell University professor Russell Rickford, whose areas of concentration are African Americans, Africa, African people, black power, African culture and the Renaissance — oh no, I’m sorry, I mean African radical politics — spoke at a pro-Hamas rally, saying that after the attack, Palestinians were “able to breathe for the first time in years.” He added: “It was exhilarating. It was energizing … I was exhilarated.” (I think he liked it!)

The Anti-Defamation League (business model: defame white Christians) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (business model: defame white Christians) have long defended the systematic murder of white farmers in South Africa, claiming that anyone who mentions it is promoting a “racist conspiracy theory.”

Just a few months ago, a South African politician was leading tens of thousands in the song, “Kill the Boer” (the farmer). (Soon to be available on Apple Music, no doubt.)

Genocide Watch (run by a former Clinton State Department official) published the personal account of a South African a few years ago, explaining that most of the country’s political parties “view SA-whites as imperialist colonisers and blacks as the exploited local population. In light of SA’s Apartheid-history, whites’ property is seen as illegitimately acquired (the colonizers vs colonised paradigm) and therefore needs to be redistributed to blacks.”

Hey, Jonathan Greenblatt! Sound familiar? Maybe the head of the ADL should try reading Hamas literature sometime and leave white people alone.

Like night follows day, the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, responded to the bloodbath in Israel by pledging “solidarity with the people of Palestine.” (BLM Chicago approved!)

If the ADL gives him any guff, maybe he should try putting out a statement calling the slaughter of Israelis a “racist conspiracy theory.”


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