May 27, 2023

Jim Brown

Jim Brown

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His death was front-page news in every newspaper in America, starting with The New York Times, and his demise also led the news on television. Long glowing tributes poured in, starting with Barack Obama confirming the man’s greatness. The commissioner of pro football, Roger Goodell, said that Jim Brown was the ultimate role model. As did LeBron James, the basketball player who shills for China when not busy calling America a fascist, racist state.

So what else is new? A very good black football player dies and is elevated to greatness by the color of his skin and by the usual suspects. Jim Brown was not the greatest ever, because he refused to block for teammates. He was almost impossible to bring down as a carrier. He played for nine seasons only and then retired to become a movie star, with so-so results.

“What all the news gatherers and TV hounds forgot to mention was Jim Brown’s propensity for beating the hell out of women.”

The past, needless to say, is tolerated in America only when it is useful. Things like slavery, if you know what I mean, or the beastliness of the Confederacy. What all the news gatherers and TV hounds forgot to mention was Jim Brown’s propensity for beating the hell out of women. Only one spoilsport, the greatest sportswriter in America, Phil Mushnick of the New York Post, dared to mention that rather embarrassing fact: “Brown had a predilection for criminally violent behavior.”

Oh yes, I almost forgot. He also beat up and sent to hospital a soul he was playing golf with, and I presume the victim was a man, as I cannot envision Jim Brown playing golf with a lady partner. The latter were reserved for rape and beatings. The best and only truthful sportswriter in America, Phil Mushnick: “ Brown was arrested half a dozen times, mostly on charges of hitting women.” He was also charged with rape, sexual battery, and assault, and later in 1999 he was jailed for a day or two for refusing to attend domestic violence counseling.

The media in America is almost as guilty as Brown by ignoring the criminal facts when black men or women are concerned. Do not despair, however. Education will prevail, and everything will be hunky-dory one day soon. Especially when blessed with teachers like professor Shellyne Rodriguez, late of Hunter College of New York. In a Hunter College hallway last week, the professor spotted some students handing out pamphlets whose message she did not agree with—pro-life. “Get the f— away from here, I’m going to wreck your f—— table,” she bellowed. She claimed that any pro-life message meant violence and triggered her students.

Then it got better. The next day a New York Post reporter knocked on her door and asked for comment. The good professor did not exactly exchange ideas with him. “F— you, get the f— away from my door, ask me a question and my machete goes to your f—— throat.” She by then had produced a large knife and held it at the newsman’s throat. The good professor also had some very nice tattoos, the most conspicuous being “FTP,” or “F— the Police.”

So, good readers of Takimag, do not despair. Heroes like Jim Brown and professors like Shellyne Rodriguez, both proud African Americans, will lead us to redemption and glory.


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