August 30, 2014

Source: Shutterstock

And while I’m at it, I am a great admirer of Radek Sikorski, Poland’s secretary of state, whom I know and who has past good reasons to distrust the Russkies. But he should not count on any help from Brussels or the Americans. They will both sell Poland out quicker than you can say Munich. Our problems here in the West have nothing to do with Russia, but with the inability of anyone to tell the truth. Removing kosher food from shelves in London supermarkets because of anti-Semitic crowds had nothing to do with us Christians. So why doesn’t the media say so? It’s certain Muslims among us who are causing all the trouble, not the Russians nor the Shiites. The Western media report anti-Semitic chants but do not report that the chants come solely from Muslim mobs. Yet again the Christians are getting the blame from Jewish-owned networks and newspapers. Shame on them.


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