August 24, 2020

Adam Haner

Adam Haner

Source: Facebook

If you’re wondering what a typical night in downtown Portland, OR is like in the summer of 2020, this 32-minute video is a good primer. It was filmed just before 10:30 PM on Sunday, August 16. I watched the video twice so you don’t need to even endure it once. Timestamps are approximate and not exact, except for Marquise Love’s kick to Adam Haner’s head, which happened exactly at the 29-minute mark. Admitting that my vision is not perfect, I will describe what I saw:

0:18…A very, very, VERY light-skinned black male who subsequently identified himself as Marquise Love and a few darker accomplices start escorting a male of indeterminate racial origin—could be white, could be Hispanic, could be mulatto, I’m supposed to be an expert but even I can’t tell—out of the park after accusing him of recording the festivities without their approval. Their mien and words are threatening: “We gonna follow whatever car you get into, too.” The unidentified male is compliant and submissive and endlessly apologetic as he walks away from them. As he’s crossing a street toward a 7-Eleven, one of the black males starts punching him, anyway. Someone shouts that the victim is a “racist,” which apparently is enough these days to justify murder. Marquise Love shouts “Get that nigga!” as they’re attacking him.

2:00…A white male-to-female tranny outside the 7-Eleven apparently tells the group to stop beating the male, at which point someone tells the tranny, “I’ll knock your white ass out, nigga!” Shortly thereafter, Love declares “This is my block, nigga!”

3:20…Someone sneaks up behind the tranny and steals something from him, at which point a lanky and effeminate white male later identified as Adam Haner laughs. At first, he seems amused that they’re bullying the white tranny and acts very chummy with the rest of the throng.

3:40…A black person steals the tranny’s skateboard and runs away with it. It appears as if the tranny attempts to Mace someone in retaliation.

5:45…The tranny declares, “I am a goddamned certified fucking killer.”

6:48…A woman who appears to be Hispanic spits on the tranny and calls him a “Nazi bitch.”

6:55…Adam Haner is seen sharing a vape pipe with one of the people who is taunting the tranny.

7:05…The tranny, aggressively hysterical and combative as his ilk tends to be, says that he was in the military for eight years and killed 300 people.

7:20…Someone asks the tranny if he’s a racist. He denies it. Meanwhile, Haner continues casually swilling a beer and sharing his vape pipe with others.

8:05…A black male steals the tranny’s backpack and scoots away with it.

8:40…A woman punches the tranny’s face as he’s trying to retrieve his backpack.

8:55…Haner finally steps in front of the tranny in an attempt to defend him.

9:20…A black girl grabs the tranny by his long blonde hair and starts punching him in the face.

“This is Portland, so the accusation that you kicked a ‘racist’ in the head might be all you need to get a key to the city.”

10:23…A black MTF tranny with bleached-blond hair identified as Xavier “Princess” Warner—a prominent figure in the riots which have gone on unabated in Portland since late May—approaches the white tranny and asks if he’s been Macing people. He then throws a bottle at the tranny and Maces him, apparently to demonstrate that Macing people is wrong. Or maybe the point is that it’s wrong to Mace black people.

11:00…Four women start beating up the tranny, who is seated on the ground and backed up against the 7-Eleven’s wall. If you’re familiar with the “Black Lives Matter, faggot!” incident in Portland earlier in the summer, where a gay white was knocked unconscious on the ground as a black woman gloated over his suffering, you’d realize that at least in Portland, Black Lives Matter more than anyone else’s—even those of the homos and trannies, wh0 seemed fairly untouchable until very recently.

11:15…An older-looking black male wielding a knife steps in for the tranny’s defense; the blacks remind him that he’s black and the tranny is a white guy—“Roll with your own, nigga! Black Lives Matter, nigga, fuck these white punks, nigga!…fuck these white people, nigga!”

13:05…Haner tells the black guy who’s been saying “fuck these white people” to leave the tranny alone…“I’m not worth your time, and neither is she,” he says, referring to the tranny.

13:38…The tranny wails, “I can’t even get into my fucking house without my backpack! I need my ID I can’t get ahold of my therapist! I fuckin’, I’m gonna shoot myself in the fucking head!”

16:30…The tranny begins arguing with “Princess” again, while a very large black dude gets in Haner’s face and Haner immediately backs down.

16:50…Marquise shows up again, tries to attack the tranny, and is pulled away by his presumed allies.

17:05…A black woman kicks the tranny in the head while Haner is leaned over trying to offer the tranny comfort and advice.

17:20…Marquise again tries to attack the tranny and is again pulled off by others.

19:20…The tranny keeps lying on the street and being hyper-dramatic, which obviously helps to escalate things.

20:10…Haner gets in his truck and tries to start it…he is instantly mobbed, including by Love. His girlfriend Tammie Martin, a short, fat woman with greasy blonde hair, stands in front of his truck door to protect him and immediately starts getting punched. Haner opens the door in an attempt to get out and protect her while she’s getting tackled to the street.

21:05…A black woman who previously hit the tranny stands in front of the truck to block it; Haner does some loud warning rev-ups.

21:20…A black guy screams, at Haner, “Better get the fuck out of here before I pull you the fuck out!” Haner starts pulling out at a moment when no one is blocking his truck; he runs a red light to escape.

22:10…Someone screams to get Haner’s license plate because apparently they’re going to call the racist KKK cops they’ve been demonizing all summer to come arrest him.

23:20…The sound is heard of what is apparently Haner’s crash into a newspaper box a couple blocks down after he attempted to turn left. He later explained to a TV reporter that his steering belt had broken in the previous fracas.

24:40…People start approaching Haner, who is out of his truck and surveying the wreckage, telling him to shut the fuck up even though he’s not talking.

24:50…Haner, already bleeding from his head from an apparent attack outside the 7-Eleven, pleads, “I was trying to get out of there with my old lady.” A large masked black male threatens, “Don’t fucking come near me, bro, I’ll fuck you up.”

25:50…Marquis Love is seen walking up to the crash scene with some accomplices.

26:20…Love pushes Haner away from his truck and commands him to sit down on the street.

26:30…One of Love’s accomplices pushes Haner to the ground.

26:50…Haner attempts to stand up and is pushed down by Love, who screams, “Sit yo’ ass down, nigga!”

27:05…Just like the cops they proclaim to hate, someone barks at Haner to “Keep your hands where I can see them!”

27:45…Haner is still deeply apologetic and non-aggressive. He says his girlfriend is trying to call him and meekly asks for permission to answer the phone.

28:00 “I ain’t tryin’ to hurt no one down there,” Haner protests. This apparently infuriates Love, who has visibly been trying to hurt people since the video started.

28:05…Love starts punching Haner. “Shut the fuck up, nigga!” He punches him about 10 more times. Some of the others try to stop him.

28:55…Haner’s girlfriend Tammie Martin, who arrived in her own car—they apparently had driven downtown in his truck so she could retrieve her car—shows up at the scene.

29:00…Love comes with a fierce running kick to the head that knocks Haner unconscious. A white-sounding male calls the unconscious Haner a racist and a loser and said he tried to run people over. There is absolutely no evidence on the video of Haner trying to run anyone over and plenty of evidence of people attempting to block his truck’s escape.

29:20…Someone mocks the unconscious Haner as “white trash.”

29:30…Tammie screams, “Why is he bleeding?” A masked black male says he got beat up because he was trying to run people over with his truck. Again, this is not what the video shows.

30:20…Another black male is screaming: “All this racism shit gotta stop, nigga! Gotta stop!…I’m black, that’s what I’m out here for!”

32:13…The tape ends with Haner still unconscious, on the ground, and bleeding from his skull.

According to Drew Hernandez, who filmed it all on his phone:

I think [Haner] just felt extremely threatened. They chased him… until he finally crashed. When they finally caught up to him, they went nuts. This was violent, extremely violent. Sometimes I forget I’m walking the streets of an American city in the Northwest. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking in a Third World county…. It’s literally like just one thing after another. Just these random people, they start physically assaulting.

The indefatigable sleuths at 4Chan were able to identify Marquise Love, who, as luck would have it, was arrested for the June mass-beating of a white male by what appear to be at least a dozen blacks. Before kicking Haner in the head, Love, 25, was arrested seven times since 2012, more than once for violent crimes, but he has apparently served absolutely zero jail time. Love—who has posted on his Instagram profile that his main interests are “peace, love, and mixing music”—was even dumb enough to admit on Snapchat that it was him on the tape, but instead he merely said he was involved in a fight with a “racist”:

Might go to jail for a racist tonight when all i did was fight him look it up on twitter put money on my books and come see me.

Well, I looked it up. That wasn’t a fight. But this is Portland, so the accusation that you kicked a “racist” in the head might be all you need to get a key to the city.

Two major newspapers made a point of noting that only hours before the head kick, Haner had posted an “anti-George Floyd meme” on Facebook. This is what he’d posted:

George Floyd was a 46-year old felon, high on Fentanyl, and he got 4 televised funerals and 70 days of riots.

What does 5-year old Cannon Hinnant get?

You’re probably unaware of the name “Cannon Hinnant,” but that’s directly related to the fact that he was a white child allegedly shot dead by a black neighbor who was incensed that Hinnant drove his bicycle over his lawn. This all happened well after the George Floyd incident, too. But please don’t ask any questions about the relative media coverage accorded to both events. As far as I can wrangle, Haner merely stated facts about Floyd and wondered why there is such an insane double standard. But even mentioning the double standard has you branded as “anti-George Floyd” by alleged journalists.

Portland Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty—a black woman who is easily the ugliest public servant in world history anywhere—decided to toss some gaslighting on the fire by proclaiming that Haner’s assailants were not part of the BLM movement:

Important fact check: The statement includes “the [incident] where a truck driver was beaten up after an altercation with a protester” which has been proven false. The driver was attacked by several individuals not associated with the protests.

This, despite the fact that Love is heard screaming “Black Lives Matter, nigga!” throughout the video and has posed in downtown Portland waving a giant Black Lives Matter flag while wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

After regaining consciousness in the hospital two days after the attack, Haner was left with two huge black eyes and what doctors say may be a detached retina. His memory is still fuzzy about the incident.

After returning home, Haner and his girlfriend granted a TV interview with some ditzy broad from a local station. Here are highlights from his comments:

I wasn’t trying to do anything but get a drink. I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there, and I was white, evidently…I was for [BLM]. I’ve had cops beat me up before. I was for their cause…I just seen something going on there, and I tried to get in the middle of it — and it just directed the fire towards me…Their whole chaos came right at me…All I remember saying very vividly was, “This isn’t your enemy — this isn’t who we’re trying to fight.”

When the reporter asked him if he was angry, Haner—in sharp contrast with his girlfriend—said no:

I know what happened to me, and I’m still not mad. I didn’t see a color. I didn’t see a color when I got kicked, either.

Maybe if he was able to see color, he would have avoided trying to reason with these animals in the first place.


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