September 11, 2023

2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

Source: Storm machine

As this piece is going up on 9/11, I thought I’d better do something about Islam. But first, as Monty Python (almost) used to say, for something completely different: Like Hot Chocolate, I’ll be starting with a kiss.

You will doubtless have seen all the tedious media hysteria about an overexcited Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Football Association, briefly kissing the women’s team’s midfielder, Jenni Hermoso, on the mouth after they had just won the FIFA Women’s World Cup final on 20 August. The nuclear reaction to the “scandal” indicated to me Rubiales must have bitten Hermoso’s tongue out, swallowed it, and then spat the blood into her face whilst shouting, “Girls can’t catch!” at the nearest female goalkeeper.

And yet, seeing the footage later, he didn’t. He just kissed her. For about two seconds. Granted, Rubiales shouldn’t have done it, and it would have been most amusing if Hermoso had slapped him in the face and kneed him in the balls before the entire squad had held him down and forcibly had their collective periods right down his throat in an act of fourth-wave feminist waterboarding, but lamentably this did not occur. So, punish Rubiales in a proportionate manner, by all means, but don’t pretend this is a genuinely important matter and have it leading news bulletins and occupying front pages all across the Western world.

“Punish Rubiales in a proportionate manner, by all means, but don’t pretend this is a genuinely important matter.”

I Didn’t Expect the Spanish Inquisition!
It is obvious there is an agenda here. Spain is currently led by a far-left caretaker government who seek to paint their more conservative political opponents, with whom they have just fought an inconclusive election, as backwards Neanderthals who will drag Spain back to caveman times, sex-wise—and Rubiales now stands as a convenient proxy for them. Rubiales, who has accurately decried the subsequent witch hunt against him as “false feminism,” has even now seen prosecutors launch an investigation into him for possible “sexual assault.”

Spain’s defeated opponents in the final, England, released their own bitter comment, too, stating the incident demonstrated the urgent need to dismantle “sexist and patriarchal” sporting structures across Europe. Meanwhile, the Spanish government has declared it wishes the kiss to become Spain’s “#MeToo moment,” whilst acting Deputy PM Yolanda Diaz has described the affair as demonstrating “the worst of Spanish society, of the structural machismo of this country.”

Really? I can think of some rather worse recent demonstrations of unacceptably extreme “structural machismo” in Spain, myself…

The Spanish Tragedy
In February 2022, for example, a 30-year-old man broke into an apartment in the Catalan town of Figueres and reportedly raped a 95-year-old woman, leaving her hospitalized with “severe injuries to her genitals.” His later “excuse” was that he mistook her for his (presumably also nonagenarian) girlfriend; whom, of course, it would have been perfectly fine for him to rape. In January 2023, meanwhile, a 25-year-old man was alleged to have repeatedly raped and beaten a 60-year-old woman in Tenerife so badly that he “disfigured her face,” an ordeal caught on CCTV.

Strangely, these outrages did not garner quite as much international media attention, despite one of them being caught live on camera, just like Señor Rubiales’ kiss. Why? Because the suspected sex offenders were nonwhite Muslim illegal immigrants from Africa. Data released by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics in October 2022 demonstrated that Africans (whether black sub-Saharans or brown Maghreb types) committed 20 percent of all recorded rapes in Spain in 2021, despite making up only 2.4 percent of the population—now, that’s what I call Blaxcellence!

I didn’t see any of this making the front page of the NYT or The Guardian, unlike Rubiales’ kiss. It seems imported African Muslims and native European Spanish women are each both the wrong kinds of perpetrators and the wrong kinds of victims.

These Women Have Some Balls
Even in women’s soccer itself, these same double standards of reporting exist. In 2021, Australian veteran Lisa De Vanna retired from the international game after 150 matches, but not before alleging she had been subjected to sexual abuse by several of her lesbian teammates in the locker room. According to Lisa, she had been pulled down from behind and forcibly dry-humped by a number of lesboid rapists, having to fight them off “kicking and screaming.”

Soccer Australia’s response was basically a mumbled “oh dear,” followed by very little if any meaningful action. Instead, they just droned on robotically about the need for an “inclusive and supportive” culture, arguing they did not “condone” such incidents.

“Abuse is abuse,” argued De Vanna, but as in Animal Farm, some abusers are clearly considered altogether more abusive than others. It seems as if the patriarchy must be immediately dismantled, yet the lesbiarchy must be left safely well alone.

Bending Them Over Toward Mecca
If leftists and lesbianists alike hate the patriarchy so much, why are they simultaneously colluding in the mass importation of way more extreme patriarchs than Luis Rubiales from the Muslim world?

From a British perspective, I found it very telling that, whilst the mainstream media force-fed us images of Rubiales doing very little indeed in the grand scheme of things, there was next to no coverage of the rather more serious contemporaneous revelation that online people-smugglers were at that very moment busily advertising life in Britain to mainly North African (re: Muslim) wannabe migrants by showing them footage of drunken young white girls out on the booze in states of alluring undress. The implication was obvious: Come to Britain, and rape the easy white trash!

No mention of this on the BBC or on newspaper front pages, as far as I could see. Instead, the only place I found it even discussed was on the smallish rolling-news channel GBNews—another outlet endlessly condemned as being “far-right” by critics because it unaccountably considers acts of forcible mass penetration by foreigners to be a tad more serious than acts of unsolicited micro-kissing during moments of ephemeral sporting euphoria.

Likewise, GBNews was the only station to go big with the news that Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, despite being awarded £2.2m in funding from the British taxpayer to aid in “empowering marginalized communities,” had hosted a bearded lecturer instructing audiences about the correct method of stoning a female adulterer to death under shariah law. Apparently, to preserve her modesty, it was essential such an unclean whore be buried up to her waist in the cold, obscuring earth first, lest her special Islamic underwear otherwise appear on display during her ritual execution by gangs of unreconstructed male imams.

A mosque podcast, likewise, instructed listeners that women must be “obedient” to men, that a wife must “serve her husband” and “fulfill his physical desires” as “this is the whole point of marriage.” Shouldn’t being a male chauvinist pig be haram in Islam?

Dad’s Barmy
Also in August, the same month Luis Rubiales very briefly kissed the girls and made them cry, hyper-patriarchal “British” Muslim delivery driver Hussein Alinzi was convicted of battering his 15-year-old daughter about the head with an iron bar prior to her high school English exam in Manchester. Dropping her off at the school gates early, Alinzi suddenly became suspicious his child was actually arranging to meet a boy before any teachers arrived. After all, why else would she be wearing makeup? Actually, she was only wearing it to cover up the previous bruises her rightful male owner’s punch-bag sessions had given her, but never mind.

The girl had to be removed from her exam and taken to hospital after fainting yet still appeared in court to plead for her father not to be sent to prison—leftists might usually call this false consciousness. “I feel guilty that I brought shame on my family,” she said, Stockholm syndrome-style. Absurdly, the judge consented, letting Alinzi walk free with a suspended sentence. Will Luis Rubiales be treated quite so leniently if found guilty over in Spain?

In mitigation, Alinzi’s defense lawyer argued that, as a Muslim in Britain, “there is a degree of adapting to this new cultural behavior [of not being allowed to half-murder women] for him.” Oh, well that makes it all right, then—especially as he had since “completed courses on parenting.” Again, Alinzi’s minor family dispute was only an equally minor news story, most unlike the Spanish Kiss.

Rapefugees Very Welcome Here!
The left’s delusional double standards were best encapsulated in 2016 when Selin Gören, a refugee activist in Germany for a left-wing youth movement, was attacked by three men in a Mannheim playground one evening when all the children they had been hoping to sodomize had already gone home for their supper. Apparently she was “forced to perform a sex act” on them, generally coy media code for “they made her suck their cocks.”

When Gören (mis-)reported this event to police, however, she disguised her attackers’ background by claiming they spoke German, when in fact they gibbered Arabic or Farsi. She did so, she said, in order not to stigmatize immigrants following the mass sex assaults perpetrated upon German women by the huge wave of “rapefugees” foolishly allowed to pour into the country throughout 2015 by Angela Merkel (who herself remained happily untouched by grasping dusky hands for some strange reason). After finally admitting the truth, Gören then wrote an open letter to her shameless oral assailants:

I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism…. I will not stand by and watch…[as] racists…name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.

Incredibly, Gullible Gören then accused mass-migration skeptics of trying to use her experience to “twist the truth”!

Not even the most rabid feminazi can realistically claim all men are rapists. As such, there is a weaselly leftist slogan now popular online, “Not All Men But Too Many.” Try replacing the generic “Men” there with the more specific “Muslim Men,” and see how long it takes for you to be stoned to death in the shariah court of polite public opinion. Clearly, not all Muslims in the West or elsewhere are rapists or women-beaters. But a sadly disproportionate number of them are, aren’t they? If our rulers and media really do wish so ardently to dismantle the patriarchy, perhaps it would be best to begin by reerecting our border posts.

According to the title of one 2014 Human Rights Watch report, “Rape Is Normal” in Muslim Somalia (it apparently also is amongst certain Somalis living in Britain). If their women’s team ever wins the World Cup, no doubt their own equivalent of Luis Rubiales will stick something rather less pleasant than simply his mouth into their star player’s face on the podium to celebrate. And, if they’re true to form, the Western media will then look away and studiously ignore the fact.


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