January 09, 2008

Sitting high in the Alps watching American news channels can be a gruesome experience. For example, after four hours of wonderful powder-snow skiing, it is a shock to the system to see a red Indian-faced Bill Kristol (he should make up his fat and rather nonexistent neck, too, because the difference in color makes the dwarfish Kristol look even funnier than in real life)  pronounce Hillary dead on Tuesday evening just as the polls were closing in New Hampshire. How do these bogus, self-proclaimed political experts get it so wrong? Kristol is always getting it wrong, yet he continues to enjoy pundit privileges and columns galore because of his neocon status. I understand that doing Likud’s bidding is a sine qua non in America’s media world, but what bothers me is to end a beautiful day’s skiing among wonderful nature only to see this bogus expert all made up like a red Indian from a ‘50s Hollywood western in my very own chalet. Thank you, FOXNews, I shall remember you in my will. And thank you, ghastly Hillary, for exposing the fraud Kristol is.


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