June 05, 2023

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Annual Excessive Gay Pride Month is here, and, as emblems of the Rainbow Reich are forcibly hoisted everywhere like sodomite swastikas, it seems to many as if the world has gone absolutely insane. But might there be some evidence homosexuality itself is either a cause, or even an outright form, of actual mental illness?

Homosexuality was officially listed as a debilitating mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association until as recently as 1973, when it was suddenly reclassified as a mere form of “sexual orientation disturbance”—i.e., a perversion.

In a vote, about 6,800 APA members wanted it removed, so they could bum one another more freely, and about 3,800 wanted it retained, so they could continue to visit the bathroom safely during their conferences. This vote, every bit as split down the middle as Liberace’s sphincter, indicates clearly that what any given society considers to constitute madness is at least partly a matter of subjective social convention.

“Feeling peer-pressured into pretending you are gay seems highly likely to send you as mad as a box of dildos.”

Anal Personality Disorder
Only in 1987 was gayness struck out from the DSM entirely, whereupon, immediately, the world began to go quite doolally: In Palestine, the first intifada was launched against Israel, Terry Waite was kidnapped in Beirut, the Unabomber (or Unabummer, maybe?) struck once more in Utah, a massive earthquake hit New Zealand, a military coup occurred in Burkina Faso, Rudolf Hess hanged himself in his cell in Spandau Prison, and, worst of all, “Never Gonna Give You Up” was released as a hit single by Rick Astley. In recognition of a year of absolute fucking madness, the Canadian government even released a brand-new one-dollar coin, dubbed “The Loonie.”

Meanwhile, it was not until 2019 that the World Health Organization (WHO) finally removed being a big fat tranny from its list of conditions that formally made you into a nutcase, to the immense relief of completely mentally normal individuals with imaginary genitals everywhere.

Yet not all cultures agree: Islam, for instance. This 2014 paper from The Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran purports to prove that an amazing 81 percent of native Iranian transsexuals have some form of underlying psychiatric comorbidity like narcissistic personality disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, or being Jewish.

Maybe you think such Islamic diagnoses are likely to be culturally biased, but so, this layman would suggest, are many contrasting clinical studies here in today’s diversity-worshipping West, too.

Consider this paper, claiming to prove teen trannies who begin gender-bending hormone therapy as children grow up to be much happier than those who wait until they have passed puberty to start being pumped full of unnecessary drugs by their friendly neighborhood Dr. Mengeles. Do you really believe such conclusions would have been drawn by American doctors prior to about five minutes ago, when being mentally disturbed suddenly became quite so fashionable?

Hammer House of Homos
The WHO’s formal 2019 declassification of transgenderism as representing a form of obvious brain-buggery is particularly interesting, as you may have thought thinking you’re a woman when you’re really a man or vice versa (or, even more tellingly, continually flipping between the two like a genderqueer) is a form of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

One man (for he is just that) who would seem to the unqualified eyes of non-Mengeles like myself to suffer delusions of multiple personality is Eddie Izzard, once an amusing cross-dressing English comedian quite happy to describe himself merely as a humble transvestite, now an unfunny full-on transgenderist weirdo whose main hobby appears to be urinating through his male penis in female toilets, just because the law now says he can.

“There used to be a name for men hanging around women’s bathrooms,” one outraged commentator said when news of all this first emerged online. There still is: It’s Eddie Izzard.

Today, Izzard asks to be referred to as “she,” a blatant lie in which HE should not be indulged, and claims, like some genderqueer light switch, to be able to flip between “boy mode and girl mode” at will. He doesn’t just mean this metaphorically. Izzard says he literally has “girl genetics and boy genetics,” something that may well be “his truth” but certainly isn’t “the truth.” He probably even still leaves the seat up after he’s finished weeing.

Appropriately enough, Unsteady Eddie’s next upcoming movie is Doctor Jekyll, a new trans take on Jekyll and Hyde from the recently resurrected old British Hammer House of Horror studio. Apparently it won’t be about a man magically transforming into a woman, like in 1971’s Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, as many audiences consider such a scenario far too implausible to contemplate, especially once they’ve seen real-life photos of Eddie himself, looking like Herman Munster in drag.

Hello, Sailor!
Frightened British women with weak bladders may be disturbed to discover that, pretty soon, there will be no escape from schizoid pissing penises even in the workplace. In November 2022, it emerged that loon-friendly U.K. queer lobby group Stonewall wanted employers to allow their “nonbinary” staff to have two separate email addresses, one in the name of a boy, the other in the name of a girl, depending on whether they felt like turning up to the office named Dick or Fanny on any given day of the week.

As one non-mad trans person (shockingly, they do exist, but are hardly ever listened to by our politicians, media, or public institutions) observed at the time, however, a single non-gender-specific email address could much more easily be assigned any such employee anyway, containing just their surname or a more honestly descriptive phrase like tediousentitledfarleftprick@budweiser.com, or imanobviouspotentialrapist@target.com.

Englishwomen still petrified of being exposed to the penis-encased urethra of an amateur Izzard impersonator in their nearest land-based lavatory could always try running away to sea, except—what’s this? Oh no! The Royal Navy, after being “challenged” by internal staff lobby networks, is now reportedly considering issuing sailors who claim to possess quantumly uncertain Schrödinger’s Twats with two separate ID cards.

This is (a) an obvious security risk, providing further pass cards to potentially get lost or stolen, and (b) Royal Navy ID cards contain no specific info about holders’ gender anyway. Rum, sodomy, and the lash indeed—well, lashings of onboard sodomy, anyway.

From High School to Bi-School
In April, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data suggesting 25 percent of American high school students now “identified” (an important word) as LGBTQ, up from 11 percent in 2015, before Walt Disney started systematically grooming them all with cartoons. Yet only 3 percent were actual full-blown homos (the official term used on the survey), 12 percent said they were bi, 5 percent were “questioning,” whilst 4 percent were “other,” presumably dog-rapists, fruit-fondlers, camel-strokers, Tetris-Sexuals, etc.

Whilst, given the specific body involved, it is heartening to see the U.S. government finally acknowledging homosexuality to be an actual disease, the main reason sexperts gave for the sudden increase in queer kids was not the fact that most of their teachers are now professional pedophiles, but due to the greater acceptance wider society now has for such deviants, as demonstrated so clearly by this current article. But, if so, why did the same CDC research also show bent students were also more likely to have considered suicide than straight ones?

Perhaps it is because, rather than being groomed to be gay, they have actually been groomed to have a form of sexuality-based MPD. Scary 2022 research showed 21 percent of Gen-Z Americans identified as LGBTQ. Yet this same data suggested there were also direct correlations between those youths claiming to be queer, and those being both left-wing and mentally ill or suicidal: literal gay libtards.

The strangest findings concerned bisexuals, the queer avatars of Jekyll and Hyde. Between 2008 and 2021, the number of bi-identifying youth increased by 11 percentage points. But, of these, the number in an actual same-sex relationship in the past five years (or perhaps ever) rose by only 4 points. Incredibly, identifying as bi was now twice as prevalent as actual bi behavior.

The obvious explanation is that, as LGBTQWERTY crap has become an ever-greater lefty shibboleth with each passing year that minces on by, brainwashed teens and twentysomethings have begun thinking it is morally desirable or fashionable to be gay, and so have merely begun identifying as being so, even though they actually aren’t, a bit like Mr. Izzard pretending to be a lady on his potty.

Let’s Piss on Their Parade
Maybe this explains why this same data showed three in four queer-identifying youngsters felt “persistently sad or hopeless.” It is difficult to conceive of something more likely to make you feel depressed than a never-ending social pressure to engage in homosexual acts when you in fact find them physically repellent—yet have been simultaneously groomed to find them politically and morally attractive.

Certainly, if I had to fuck Eddie Izzard, I’d kill myself immediately. To be fair, as he also claims to be a lesbian trapped inside a man’s body, so would Eddie Izzard.

Transgenderism aside (which is an obvious pathological condition; burn all the new DSMs, they’re worthless lies), I don’t actually think being gay makes you mad. Socially normal homosexualists, like Prof. David Starkey or Douglas Murray, seem perfectly sane to me. But feeling peer-pressured into pretending you are gay seems highly likely to send you as mad as a box of dildos.

Predictably, data shows those Gen-Zers who identify as bent, but nonetheless act purely straight, intercourse-wise, have significantly worse rates of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness. Instead of homos having to suppress their true selves and pass as being straight, as in the days of Oscar Wilde, young straights are now having to reverse this pattern and pass as being queer when they aren’t.

It seems the gay goose-steppers of Pride Month are actually acting as the Typhoid Marys of a contemporary mass mental health epidemic: The CDC should really ban all gay parades immediately on public health grounds, and not only because of all the monkeypox.

How ironic that the word “gay” used to mean happy…


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