August 25, 2016

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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But you just can”€™t win with white nationalists. Jews are disliked for being usurers and middlemen who couldn”€™t till the soil to save their lives, while Mexicans are disliked for being poor common peasants who only till the soil and eschew loftier aspirations. Expel the Jews! They”€™re parasites who live off the backs of simple laborers! Expel the Mexicans! They”€™re simple laborers!

As an alcoholic, and not the lovable Dean Martin type or the victimhood-claiming “€œI have a disease”€ type”€”I”€™m just a guy who drinks every hour of every day and enjoys it”€”I can share an unpleasant truth. See, I don”€™t drive, ever (courtesy of the drinking), and in the pre-Uber days, I took a lot of public transportation in L.A. because”€”as a Jew”€”I”€™m too cheap to spring for a cab (seriously, the whole “€œmake the light make the light make the light”€ thing as I nervously watch the meter climb used to give me hives). And I”€™ll say this…if you”€™re on an L.A. bus between the hours of 1 a.m. and 4 a.m., and there are Mexicans on board (and there will be, guaranteed), you can rest assured that most are either coming home from work or going to work. But if a black man under the age of 35 gets on that bus, everybody tenses up, and with good reason, because that guy (or worse, guys, if there are several of them) is not finishing up his shift at Denny’s. There are decent odds that he’s out at that hour looking for trouble. In ten years, every single instance of violence I witnessed on an L.A. train or bus involved young blacks. I”€™m not celebrating that fact. It’s a genuinely tragic thing to me that the black community is so unhealthy. But I don”€™t have the answers regarding how to make things better, and I don”€™t see any response from black “€œleaders”€ beyond scapegoating whites, stoking hatred, and either provoking or excusing violence. So, like a lot of Americans, I”€™ve just grown tired of dealing with it. Call it Afro-fatigue, a kind of “€œebonnui,”€ if you will. And as a result, I have no desire to see the kind of demographic shift that would inevitably follow large-scale deportations of Mexicans. I like the current trajectory of black neighborhoods becoming Latino.

Are there trade-offs to having an L.A. chock-full o”€™ Mexicans? Sure, there are. I can”€™t go jogging in East L.A. at 1 a.m. Quel dommage. So what? I”€™ve managed to live a very full life in this city without ever having to go jogging in East L.A. at 1 a.m. Tell me, Mr. Steyn, you who say that America has “€œmore Mexicans than anybody needs,”€ when you were out here a year ago for your Friends of Abe banquet, did it really bother you so much that you couldn”€™t go midnight skinny-dipping in the pond at East L.A.’s Belvedere Park? Was that a deal-killer for you? Did it ruin your trip? On the other hand, did you enjoy the service at the pricey hotel where your banquet was held (you know, in one of our many good parts of town)? I hate to tell you this, but Mexicans (most of whom are probably undocumented) prepared your mahimahi (and bused your table and did pretty much everything else).

I don”€™t go up to Canada and tell Canucks how to deal with their Frenchies, nor for that matter do I go to Belgium and give advice about Walloons (other than change the fucking name if you want to be taken seriously). There is something to be said for actually living in an area before expressing uncompromisingly strong views about what needs to be done to “€œsave”€ it. Mass-deporting Southern California’s undocumented Mexicans would upset a very delicate human ecosystem, and not to the benefit of the average taxpaying, home-owning “€œperson of no color.”€ In fact, those who single-mindedly pursue the mad dream of mass deportations remind me of leftists, who do exactly that kind of shit with no thought to the consequences. “€œKill the sparrows because they”€™re eating the grain!”€ Two years later: “€œOh, no”€”the locust population has exploded! How”€™d that happen?”€ Not that I”€™m comparing any racial or ethnic group to locusts, but you get my point. Actions have consequences, and racial ideologues are usually just as blind to them as, say, communist ideologues.

Of course, it’s sort of a moot point, as mass deportations aren”€™t gonna happen. But don”€™t count me among those right-wingers who secretly wish they would. I just can”€™t get behind the frothing-at-the-mouth “€œdeport “€™em all”€ single-issue anti-immigration rightists like Ann Coulter, who”€”if memory serves me correctly”€”never used to be so single-mindedly obsessed with that one issue.

Truth be told, I liked Ann a lot better when her obsession was with Muslims. Now, speaking of locusts…


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