November 11, 2008

According to the British Telegraph a high turnout of California blacks supporting Barack Obama helped to pass Proposition Eight, banning gay marriage, in a statewide referendum last week. Since Obama’s presence on the ticket increased the black percentage of the vote total from 6 percent in 2004 to 10 percent this year, the referendum passed easily. Over 70% of the black vote went both for Obama and against gay marriage, a figure that coincides with the responses that blacks give in polls when asked about their social views. Despite their support for the Democratic Left and stated distrust for white people, black voters in California, (and it may be surmised elsewhere in the US) are less susceptible to multicultural, PC indoctrination than are whites. If Proposition Eight-adherents had to depend on rallying whites, it might have gone down to defeat. Since the referendum occurred, moreover, the only people I see demonstrating for gay marriage in the Golden State or anywhere else are white yuppies and the inevitable white clergymen.

Two observations may be in order. One, although whites did come out to vote to ban gay marriage in Arkansas, Florida, and Arizona, blacks also voted against it in the same or higher percentages. Two, by far the major hindrance to restoring traditional Western institutions here and in Europe are not blacks or Turkish Muslims but abjectly decadent Euro-Americans. It is whites who go around removing references to Christmas, banning “€œhate speech”€ and exalting sodomy. I haven”€™t noticed racial minorities or Muslims coming forth to engage in such rituals of diversity. Indeed even some of the opponents of Fundamentalist Muslim empowerment in Europe are preaching an open-borders, post-national, and feminist ideology. In Holland one could enjoy the spectacle of critics of Muslim immigration rallying around a pedophile, Pym Fortuna, who was later assassinated, as a permissible hero. Presumably a Dutch Calvinist minister would not have performed the same role for two reasons: One, he/she would have been condemned by the Western white media as an obscurantist bigot; and two, the Dutch Reformed Church is a hotbed of multicultural Leftists and in no way the continuation of the religion of seventeenth-century Dutch burghers.

Let me cut to the chase. I think that those on the right who call themselves “€œwhite nationalists”€ have a lot of explaining to do about why their preferred race is happily committing cultural and social suicide and punishing those of its members who happen to notice this unhappy fact. In my town in Pennsylvania, parents are afraid to have their children say anything in the public schools that is politically incorrect, lest teachers and classmates hold it against him or her. Although the excuse now given for this anxiety is the election of a black leftist president (with tens of millions of white votes), the expected punishment for verbal indiscretions would be coming from whites. (There are no blacks or Hispanics to be dealt with.)

The Swedes used to have a very Nordic-looking country, but under the influence of self-imposed multiculturalism, they decided to fill their country with illiterate Turks from Eastern Anatolia. Now that their women are being raped and their cities looted, these PC Aryans have criminalized the efforts of those who seek to call their imbecilities to public attention.  And if I were a Turk, I would shudder at the idea of being associated with the pro-gay, multicultural Westerners found in the European Union. Why should a Turk or Russian who valued his national identity and supported traditional gender roles want to be subject to an organization that institutionalized multicultural morality and opposes national particularities?
This process of disintegration would be unfolding, even if Western countries were lily white. The acts of throwing open our borders and gnashing our teeth over our collective social and racial sins are not occurring exclusively because minorities have been allowed to gain disproportionate influence and special rights in Western countries. These developments began when Western countries went soft in the head, and the changes in question have not conspicuously angered the majority population, which on the basis of their votes in democratic elections continue to support multicultural candidates.

By now the self-imposition of PC has gone so far that white conservative organizations have begun to shun me personally because I have been counterfactually attacked as a “€œwhite nationalist.”€ My sin seems to be my willingness to talk to people who call themselves “€œwhite nationalists,”€ as well as with those anti-white whites with whom I work although I am clearly of a different mind from both groups. To make matters worse, the establishment Right as well as the entire Left does not want to discuss anything that might cause offense to those obscurantists who insist that all of us have the same intellectual capacities, despite evidence to the contrary.

This form of PC has now spread to “€œvalue conservatives,”€ who endorse leftist thought control when it comes to discussing the hereditary basis of intelligence. Charles Murray, who is a libertarian but not a “€œvalue conservative,”€ is clearly on a different wave-length, much to his credit. But his work cannot be safely cited among many “€œtraditionalists”€ who when confronted with the idea that human beings have differing cognitive abilities, just as Mozart had greater natural musical ability than almost anyone else, respond by warning against touching the third rail of “€˜racism”€ or else by presenting the ludicrous argument that inculcating the proper ethical thinking will take care of supposed inequalities in learning abilities.

For the record, I find black Obamaites to be more mentally sound and by far more admirable than the whites who are denying the obvious about natural inequalities or ascribing them to the absence of “values.”€. I am especially allergic to those “€œmovement conservatives”€ who delight in imposing PC litmus tests on each other and occasionally on their leftist friends.  In fact there is no black politician, including those who are blatant race-hustlers, whom I think less of than John McCain the presidential candidate, especially when he ended his insipid campaign by   congratulating those who voted against him for helping Americans to “€œovercome the prideful arrogance”€ of our bigoted past Unlike FOX news, which praised McCain’s concession speech as a “€œclass act,”€ I was unspeakably appalled by his latest display of GOP outreach.

I also wish that the GOP-neocon apparatchiks would shut up telling us about how deeply “€œmoved”€ we should all be about transcending racial barriers. For almost a week the entire crew, Krauthammer, Barnes, Peggy Noonan, etc. have been yapping nonstop about how we should be rejoicing with American blacks, who for so long were denied the right to choose a president. (I”€™m still waiting for an Austrian Jew from Connecticut to be granted this office, after having consorted with crackpot revolutionaries and ethnic racialists for the last twenty years.) Last night I heard the witless Sarah Palin being interviewed by Greta about her astronomic clothing expenses. Sarah, whom no one less than the New York Times intellectual David Brooks assures us is the favorite political leader of “€œtraditionalists”€ (of course those of the neocon style) was grousing that her critics had dared bring up her extravagant shopping habits. After all, Sarah complained, “€œall of America is now celebrating what happened.”€ Apparently our joy at overcoming bigotry should have removed any question about Sarah blowing $150,000 on dresses in about the time it takes me to walk from my house to my office across the street.  At this point I too am celebrating the defeat of Yabetcha and her infantile party.


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