April 22, 2013

David Sirota

David Sirota

Picking up the bash-whitey baton from Tim Wise was David Sirota at salon.com, who last Tuesday signed his name to an article titled “€œLet’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”€ No, I”€™m not kidding. That was the title. After facing a ferocious backlash, Sirota doubled down and pissed out another screed called “€œI still hope the bomber is a white American“€ a day later.

In his first piece, the scrawny and apopleptic Sirota, who Wikipedia says “€œdescribes himself as “€˜a Jew“€™”€ and once worked for AIPAC, argued that unlike Muslims, white males are not perceived as an “€œexistential threat,”€ despite the fact that white males have endured a couple of generations of ceaseless stereotyping and outright collective blood libel at the hands of American media and academia.

I”€™m not sure why Jewish writers tend to treat Muslims far more gingerly than they do non-Jewish white males. Do they honestly think Muslims are fonder of Jews than white males are? Or is it that, unlike non-Jewish white males, Muslims tend to bite back? Whether it’s primal fear, a misguided sense of compassion, or some cockeyed combination of the two, it appears that “€œMuslim privilege”€ rather than “€œwhite privilege”€ is what’s at work in the leftist double standard.

On Thursday the FBI revealed the bombing suspects to be Chechen Muslims, who are technically Caucasian but not “€œwhite males”€ in the commonly understood pejorative sense.

I”€™m no fan of Muslims and I also understand there has been a civilizational clash between the Islamic world and what’s known as “Christendom” ever since Muhammad started slaying everything in his path and bedding preteens. But it seems as if modern jihadist bombings only started in earnest after Zionists started bombing what was once known as Palestine in their quest to establish Israel. So why is it that when we think of terrorist bombers, it’s either McVeigh or bin Laden and never the Stern Gang? And why do leftist bombers wind up with tenure at prestigious universities?

Could it be that the leftist media downplays, or even ignores, such acts of terrorism because that part of the media is egregiously stacked with a wildly disproportionate quotient of a specific minority Who Must Never Be Named Under Threat of Eternal Damnation? Perish the thought! (My Jew-sniffing dog sometimes makes mistakes, and it’s not as if Americans of that ancestry always advertise their heritage, but to the best of my research skills I counted anywhere from 13 to 19 “€œchosen”€ peeps from the 25 on that list, which would comprise 52%-79% of the total and thus a whopping statistical overrepresentation of anywhere from 2600% to 3950%. And there’s not one black person on that list. Holy mackerel, Andy!)

Is it a mortal sin to question why those who never zip their lips about trash-compacting “€œdiversity”€ into every nook and cranny of American life tend to come from a tiny and stubbornly non-diverse demographic?

Maybe if you”€™d been able to restrain yourselves from endlessly screaming about the unique evil of white people, I wouldn”€™t have started to look into exactly who was doing most of the screaming. Since you apparently can”€™t help yourself from continually profiling me, don”€™t cry foul when I start profiling you. And I don”€™t think it qualifies as imagining there are Jews in my sandwich when anywhere from half to three-quarters of the hoagie you”€™re feeding me is stuffed with kosher meat.

Palefaced XY-chromosome devils have been persistently framed in popular discourse as eternal oppressors and congenital spewers of venom, bile, and hatred. But despite everything the media has been peddling for generations, it appears that this oft-maligned demographic suffers from a fatal flaw, one that runs contrary to the stereotype”€”they’re way too nice. They”€™re not homicidally intolerant so much as they”€™re suicidally tolerant. And unless their antagonists”€”whether they’re self-loathing crackers such as Michael Moore or anyone else in the increasingly hostile and jeering Rainbow Coalition”€”learn to cool it with the screaming, it appears that the only option is to start screaming back. Otherwise it seems evident that the tireless bashers of everything white and male don”€™t view white males as a powerful oppressor so much as an easy target.



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