June 16, 2016

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Leger in Brokeback Mountain

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Leger in Brokeback Mountain

In September 2004, for the crime of having a massively blocked sewer line under my property, I was condemned to the worst fate a creature of the L.A. Westside could face”€”I had to move to the Valley. Thank God it was only temporary, while a hundred Mexicans wielding a hundred shovels made my front lawn look like a hobo mass grave as they excavated pipes that had not undergone maintenance since the 1950s. With no cheap options for temporary housing, I was invited to stay with a friend in the hellish San Fernando Valley.

I”€™d have been happier in a homeless shelter. The Valley is mercilessly hot, smoggy, and dull. For two weeks, I spent my late nights alone at the Jerry’s Famous Deli on Ventura Blvd., feverishly working on a project I was involved in sub rosa dedicated to keeping Ernst Zundel from being deported to Germany from Canada (and what a stellar job I ended up doing). As there were only two months to go until the 2004 presidential election, politics was a frequent topic of discussion among the patrons who would come and go as I sat there drinking coffee and booze while trudging through volumes of Canadian immigration law.

I soon realized that the deli had two other late-night regulars, a young gay couple who would usually sit near me in the back of the restaurant. They were sadly stereotypical”€”lispy, whiny, swishy, and oh so crammed full of social-justice dumbassery. I never knew their names, but I came to mentally refer to them as Lightenloafer and Mincemeat. They were loud-talkers, often arriving inebriated after a night of clubbing. Normally I was able to tune them out, but one particular night, I found myself damn near incapable of controlling my urge to butt in.

Their conversation went something like this:

“€œOh my gawd, if we reelect Bush, I just know the terrorists are going to attack us again.”€

“€œOh my gawd, I know, because we”€™re such a fucking backwards Christian redneck country! We deserve it!”€

“€œOh my GAWD, right? I just hope the terrorists know that it isn”€™t the fault of queers. I hope they don”€™t attack L.A. or San Francisco.”€

“€œOH MY GAWD, exactly! I”€™m sure they”€™ll attack where the rednecks and right-wingers are! Those are their enemies!”€

Somehow, due to self-control or, more likely, my desire not to get kicked out of my favorite watering-hole-of-the-moment, I managed to fend off the urge to charge their table and set them straight (no offense).

“€œHow much easier everything was when the villains were so easy for leftists to hate and oppose.”€

This idea, so ably expressed by my late-night buddies, can only be described as a disease within the gay community, one that can”€™t be treated with an antiretroviral cocktail. The basis of this sickness is the notion, rooted in the social-justice left’s sacred doctrine of “€œdark skin color equals unassailable moral character,”€ that, at heart, Muslim loons are on the same side as gays in the eternal battle against white Christian intolerance. And if only those Muzzie freedom fighters would learn to attack the “€œright”€ targets, all would be copacetic.

LGBTs (at least those who lean left) seem incapable of coming to terms with the fact that dark-skinned non-Christians are the ones who want them dead. Rather than face the uncomfortable reality that the most oppressively anti-gay force on earth at the moment is Islam, LGBTs seek refuge in the safety of a past that no longer exists, if it ever did, a past in which it’s gays and “€œpeople of color”€ on one side, united against evil white Christians seeking their collective demise. Just as Trump supporters yearn to bring back an idyllic past in which America was great, LGBTs pine for the days in which America was oppressive. How much easier everything was when the villains were so easy for leftists to hate and oppose.

Take Adam Goldenberg, a superstar of the gay Canadian left. Like a robot unable to think or act independently, Goldenberg spent the day of the Orlando shooting churning out one disingenuous talking point after another. One can smell the desperation wafting from his Twitter account. Something supremely inconvenient has occurred, and the poor bastard cannot find peace without wishing it away.

“€œThis didn”€™t happen because the shooter was Muslim. It happened because the victims were gay. And because the shooter had an assault rifle.”€ (7,323 retweets, 7,069 likes)

“€œWhen you think of who, in America, most encourages hatred of gays and ownership of guns, Muslims aren”€™t exactly the people who come to mind.”€ (1,208 retweets, 1,397 likes)

“€œYou’ll find anti-gay orthodoxy in nearly every religion. It’s a handy pretext for hate whose true cause is cultural.”€

The human mind, with its ability to rationalize, is truly an amazing thing.

“€œIslam didn”€™t kill 50 people in Orlando yesterday. An American with an assault rifle did. Saying so isn”€™t “€˜politically correct”€™”€”just correct.”€

Frankly, it astounded me that a Canadian could react to the Orlando massacre by completely dismissing the beliefs of the gunman. Isn”€™t Canada all about combating beliefs? What’s the point of hate-speech laws and human rights tribunals that punish “€œbad”€ speech if not to root out “€œbad”€ beliefs? Hateful beliefs lead to hateful acts…I thought that was the whole bullshit rationalization behind why the Canucks have gone full Orwell.

I reached out to Goldenberg: “€œIs it your contention that the shooter’s specific beliefs were irrelevant as to the cause of the massacre? If, theoretically, the shooter believed that he was commanded by his faith to kill gays, are you saying that those beliefs would be irrelevant as to his motivation for the crime?”€

The brave young gay Jewish leftist Canadian lawyer courageously refused to reply. On the other hand, when one of his tweets was criticized by David Duke, Goldenberg was a real Speedy Gonzales with a response. Because why answer a reasonable question from a gay-friendly politically conservative Jew when you can look heroic by going after a white-supremacist former Klansman?

Low-hanging fruit. This continues to define the gay community’s reaction to Islamic homocide. I wrote about this pathology many years ago, during my establishment conservative days. I dubbed it the “€œShalit Syndrome.”€

In January 2006, Gene Shalit, the wacky-haired “€œGroucho glasses in real life”€ NBC film critic, dared to dislike the film Brokeback Mountain. For some odd reason, he thought that his official designation as the Today show’s film critic meant he had a license to criticize films. Wotta loon!

I mean, really…where”€™d he ever get such an idea?


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