As I may have mentioned once or twice, hysteria about all the vicious cisgendered straight white male racists killing black bodies is the KKKrazy Glue of the Obama coalition. The Democrats have assembled a coalition of the fringes of American life that has little to unite its constituents other than stoking resentment of the American core via insults and hate hoaxes.

Without swindles like these to focus anger on the designated scapegoats, the Democrats”€™ constituents would tear each other to shreds. For example, in recent months the Democrats”€™ “€œwar on women”€ narrative has led to public shaming of men for abusing women. It turns out, though, that disproportionately many of the malefactors”€”such as Ray Rice, Jameis Winston, Bill Cosby, and the New York catcallers“€”are black.

The problem that the Democrats face in uniting their voters by deploring whites is that the most praised and charismatic element of their coalition is African-Americans. This makes the Democrats, in effect, the black party. Unfortunately, blacks are also the least competent segment of the Democrats.

Thus, the Democrats must relentlessly try to demoralize white men via their dominance of the media, because a self-confident white party would have little trouble luring enough Asians and Hispanics away from an inevitably inept black party. For instance, look at how the Asian vote swung sharply toward the Republicans in the wake of the Democrats callously ignoring the footage of Brown assaulting the poor Asian clerk.

Consider how many stories the Rev. Al Sharpton has promoted during his long career that have turned out to be Tom Wolfe-worthy travesties: the Tawana Brawley hoax, the Crown Heights pogrom, the Freddy’s Fashion Mart massacre, the Jena Six, and finally Trayvon Martin’s gay bashing of George Zimmerman. And yet, the old rogue is now at the apogee of his influence over the White House.

This helps explain the Democrats”€™ enthusiasm for gay marriage and, lately, all things transgender: when the gays decide to go all in on a hate crime story, they usually manage to cover most of the obvious bases. For example, we”€™ve been lied to a lot about the 1998 Matthew Shepard killing in Wyoming, but the legend has never fully collapsed the way, say, the Duke Lacrosse Hoax did almost instantly.

The media are so desperate for stories of white-on-black hate crimes that in 2013 the Washington Post and other outlets splashed heavily the “€œmysterious”€ murder of a gay black politician in Mississippi, Marco McMillian, even though a young black man had confessed and led the cops to the corpse the previous month.

In Ferguson, it’s time for reparations … to the shopkeepers.

And it’s past time for a National Media Day of Shame and Reflection on why they keep falling for frauds and fiascos.


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