August 08, 2007

McDonald’s and Man’s Search for Meaning

Scott is half-right—I suffer from a Syndrome having to do with restlessness, but it has nothing to do with my legs ….

Moving right along, however: I am perplexed by this paleocon jihad against McDonald’s, Walmart, and other commercial venues. Of course, I’ve never actually been in one of these establishments—in San Francisco, where our paleocon Board of Stupidvisors reigns supreme, I have been deprived of the possibility of making that choice—and I doubt that I would, even if given the chance (I prefer Johnny Rocket’s). But what I don’t get is this: is McDonald’s really the Major Menace our paleocons, and their leftist confreres, would make it out to be? All this palaver about “meaning” and religion—when what we’re talking about, for the Love of God, is hamburgers!?

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