October 20, 2015

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And that he admired China’s “€œbasic dictatorship.”€


You know what? Those of you who hate how many hyperlinks I usually stick into my columns should be thrilled because, frankly, I just”€”as the kids say these days”€””€œcan”€™t even right now.”€

Since entering public life on the day of his father’s funeral, Justin has gone from being “€œThe Next Prime Minister of Canada!”€ to “€œThe Utterly, Absolutely, Guaranteed Unelectable Human Punchline“€ to “€œThe Next Prime Minister of Canada!”€”€”a cycle that has repeated again and again during the previous decade, until suddenly screeching to (at least as far as millions of us are concerned) the wrong stop.

It’s left me dizzy and nauseous. I”€™ve met deadlines while I was about-to-barf drunk, and dumped and heartbroken, and clasped in demonic grasp of a three-day nicotine fit”€”but “€œdizzy and nauseous”€ is my writerly undoing.

So I”€™ll wind this up a few hundred words short. After his brother died in a skiing accident, I took to joking, every time Justin Trudeau uttered yet another risible, hair-raising stupidity, that “€œthere’s never an avalanche around when you need one.”€

Well, now the joke”€”and all that goddamn snow”€”is on me. I don”€™t know which direction to start digging myself out, or if I even want to bother.


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