May 16, 2007

When I wrote a tongue-in-cheek column about the Puerto Rican parade ten years ago in the London Spectator, all hell broke loose. The politically correct busybodies had a field day, so much so that Rudy Giuliani declared that he would try and deport me and have me fired from the Spectator. There were only two problems: First, I am an American citizen and even the bully Giuliani could not have me thrown out. Second, the then proprietor of the Spectator and Telegraph group, now on trial in Chicago, Conrad Black, does not cower before politicians. When Giuliani threatened a boycott of all Black newspapers, Conrad told him to go ahead and screw himself. Giuliani dropped it. But it goes to show what kind of man this mini-Mussolini—actually he is straight out of central casting as a grave digger in a Frankenstein movie—is. He didn’t know me from Adam but insisted that I am deported and out of a job for writing about the horror show that is the Puerto Rican parade every year.

Yesterday, in Columbia, South Carolina, Rudy Mussolini attacked the only honest person in Congress, Rep. Ron Paul, for saying that we got hit on 9/11 because we had been bombing Iraq for ten years prior to that.  Ron Paul did not bother to add that we had indirectly killed about 300,000 Iraqi children with our boycott, and that an Iraqi mother cries the same bitter tears as the mother who lost a child on 9/11. Giuliani panders to Israel, ethnic minorities, gender-benders, you name it. If Iraqis were as numerous as Puerto Ricans, or as powerful as Jews, Giuliani would have agreed with Ron Paul. If Uncle Sam minded his own business, as once upon a time he did, Americans would be welcome everywhere, as they used to be. I remember walking down a Lebanese street and being mobbed by an Arab crowd following Ike’s refusal to allow the Anglo-French-Israel attack on Egypt. But this bully, this mini-Mussolini is no Ike. If I ever run for mayor and win, I will have him deported to Puerto Rico.


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