February 26, 2016

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Planned Parenthood is a favorite topic of men and childless women, but I”€™d rather hear abortion views from someone such as Ann Romney who has raised five children. Let’s hear about the economy from the perspective of a suburban “€œwork widow”€ who used to see her husband every night for dinner but now it’s only on weekends.

Military analysts are helpful, especially when they”€™ve been in battle, but the mothers and wives of soldiers have just as much skin in the game. Military families tend to support libertarians. This is because when you sign up to die for whatever president is elected, you want to go with the president the most averse to war.

Single women go to the doctor to get fillers and liposuction. Moms go because their son smashed his head on the coffee table and needs stitches. The latter experience is what matters to Americans when it comes to health care. Education gobbles up more money every year while test scores stay the same. Pundits have to research this, but housewives have been watching this happen from their eldest to their youngest. They volunteer in the library and see the books devoted to entertainers and sports stars. It was the mothers at my kid’s previous school who discovered a massive room full of brand-new musical instruments covered in dust. Antifeminists such as Dana Loesch and Lydia Lovric arrived at this headspace after seeing their sons chastised for being boys. Sure, I get a little worried about a mom being irrational about guns, but moms are also very protective and guns protect. Just ask Dana.

Of course, these are all examples of anecdotal evidence. But I”€™m not talking about one day with one housewife. I”€™m talking about making them an integral part of the conversation. There are more housewives than there are blacks. Where’s their voice? More moms are staying at home than ever, and Americans agree that it’s a good thing. Moms sway elections and do the vast majority of buying for the family. Pundits are amusing and they”€™ve practiced the art of cramming info into a small sound bite, but if we”€™re talking about experts, we ought to include the people on the front line. The irony is, few can be bothered. While we spend hours on TV arguing about what’s best for them, they”€™re too busy actually doing it.


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