June 27, 2016

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Dancing around an unpleasant reality is what politics are all about nowadays”€”Donald Trump excluded”€”with political correctness the enveloping cloud that hides truth and the facts. There are boundaries that are set by those faceless gray men and women none of us ever see, those who control the networks, the newspapers, and the academy, in other words the so-called elite, and woe to anyone who dares defy them. Our elected officials are the first to play this game, starting with the man who sleeps in the White House as I write.

Things have gotten so bad that biology has been replaced by chosen gender, with heavy penalties decreed for those who prefer the scientific interpretation of what is a man and what constitutes a woman. The great Roger Scruton calls it “€œtransphobia,”€ just as “€œIslamophobia”€ is the excuse by our elite for the attitude that leads to mass murder and the enslavement of women. In reality, trans women are nothing but men with fetishes, and vice versa, and if anyone wishes to debate this, please go reproduce yourself first and then call me.

Which brings me to the Orlando tragedy and all the lies that have followed. My first question is, and I posed the same one after the Boston Marathon bombing, what the hell was this family of Afghan con men doing in this country anyway? Why was the father given TV time to spout lies? Why are we letting Chechens, Somalis, Afghans, Nigerians, and Eritreans”€”rather than the millions of Europeans I know are dying to immigrate”€”into the good old U.S. of A.?

“€œWhat in Allah’s f—-ing name is going on here?”€

Secondly, and just as important, why did we need to sexualize the massacre in Orlando? Omar Mateen was obviously homosexual, however repressed, and decided to prove his manhood by murdering innocents who were not repressed. Why was it painted as an exclusively antigay attack, and why was militant Islam never mentioned? Most ISIS fighters bugger men when they”€™re not raping women. Why is it the act that dare not speak its name by the media? Ditto for the Taliban. Yet in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia homosexuality warrants a death sentence. Go figure.
Thirdly. and most important, how is it possible for The New York Times to quote one Ms. Gowrinathan, who studies gender and terrorism (some studies) and said, “€œ[The killer] is the outcome of the United States”€™ political culture, not the Islamic State’s,”€ and to have one Ms. Epstein of Georgetown agree? I know, I know, there are nutcases everywhere, but no serious paper or institution would quote them, unless it suited them. Well, how about getting some people to blame the Jews for their own destruction, rather than Nazi Germany, or, much easier, find some Israelis to blame the Palestinians for Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine for the past sixty years?

Although two can play the Times“€™ game, this is a serious magazine, and unlike the NY Times, it’s not run by freaks for freaks. Basically, for liberals and lefties, the Orlando massacre was all about gun control. For LGBT activists, the only thing that mattered was that it was an attack against LGBTs. (Thank God for the acronym.) Meanwhile, both Obama and the dreaded Hillary avoided the one true word that explained the terrorist act: Muslim, or Islam, was never mentioned. What in Allah’s f—-ing name is going on here? How can the war on terror ever be won if we refuse to name the enemy? The Jews are accused of many things they”€™re guilty of, but never of stupidity. And never a day goes by without Jewish-owned newspapers like the Times reminding us of what the Nazis did to the Jews, 75 years after the fact. But here we are, fighting a so-called war on terror, and neither the Democratic nominee nor the president has the balls to utter the word “€œIslam.”€

Let’s face it. If Muslims had their way, and by that I mean most Muslims, homosexuality would be not only banned, but a capital offense, as it is in most Muslim countries. But instead of concentrating on that fact, what did the gay lobbies do? Point their fire and ire against perceived homophobia. One placard in front of the White House said it all: “€œHomophobia equals Islamophobia.”€ A friend of mine calls such vile absurdities atrocity exhibitionism. But it’s worse than exhibitionism. First and foremost, it’s a big lie. It’s turning a blind eye to Muslim hatred of everything: gays, Jews, women, Christians”€”you name it, Muslims hate it. It’s the refusal to declare war on Saudi and Qatari and Kuwaiti money that finances terror by our elite because they”€™ve been bribed time and again. Makes one wish for Saddam Hussein, with his hard-drinking sons and his tanks on Kuwaiti soil.


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