October 09, 2007

Okay, so it isn’t quite “morning” on the East Coast, but we all know the center of the universe is situated somewhere very close to Puccini’s cafe in North Beach. (San Franciscans provincial? Well, a little …) At any rate, here are a few suggested destinations for your morning stroll in cyberspace:

Joe Lieberman (War Party—Connecticut) stops just short of advocating military intervention in Burma, but laptop bombardier Bill Kristol goes all the way: even some of the warbots over at National Review are horrified. Says Mark Krikorian: “I’m sorry “€” is this a joke? What possible American interest is there in Burma?” The joke’s on you, Mark, and your fellow NRO-cons—war is always and ever in our “national interest” the way a bully must constantly demonstrate his willingness to smash, crush, and humiliate the weaker, skinnier guys by stuffing them into their own lockers. The not-so-subliminal message: I’m the boss!

Speaking of National Review, this ode to Ron Paul as a viable and eminently supportable candidate, by David Kopel, somehow got past David “Vyshinsky” Frum, the neocons’ enforcer of political correctness. According to the Frumkin: “Paul hails from the Lindberghian primordial ooze, from a mental universe in which the United States is plunged into wars by the sinister machinations of bankers and … the you know whos.” This obsessed cretin knows all about ooze: that’s what happens when he exudes smears like a dog in heat exudes pheronomes.  What ought to put the fear of God into Frum is that Kopel, although he disagrees with Ron about the war, is still supporting him based on the candidate’s economic and social views. The coalition is broadening, while the ranks of the neocons are shrinking fast ….

In other news: The Dems say: forget the war, we want pork! And the State Department is the very last to jump on the blogging bandwagon, with a blog entitled—I kid you not!—“DipNote”!

And don’t miss the serialization of Murray Rothbard’s wonderful book, The Betrayal of the American Right, which LewRockwell.com is running, starting with the Introduction by Tom Woods (also including a preface to the 1991 revision by Rothbard), and Chapter I: “Two Rights, Old and New.” This book, which has remained in manuscript until just recently, inspired me to write Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement (published in 1993, due to be issued in a new edition by ISI Books next year). Betrayal is a fascinating read by one who lived through the latter years of the Old Right’s tenure—so treat yourself, and get on over there ….


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