Neo Realism

October 11, 2016

Moreover, go outside America for an instant and witness the real-life horror occurring. Hurricane Matthew just tore Haiti a new one, killing over 300 people. Middle East refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe. Children are being bombed to death in the ongoing Syrian civil war.

Does this really sound like a comfy computer simulation?

You don”€™t have to be a member of the precariat to understand that life is tough. Even with modern material comfort, we”€™re confounded with all kinds of contradictory feelings and emotions. And I don”€™t mean the whiny petulance pervasive on college campuses. I”€™m talking about the “€œSlings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune”€ that befall us all at one point or another.

Every person in their own way lives out a tragedy. Milan Kundera called our sense of morality a “€œuseless truth.”€ It’s useless because it’s so damn obvious that humanity is frail. It’s obvious, apparently, to everyone except techies getting high off stimulants.

The Silicon Valley capitalists looking for a way to break out of nonexistent reality are wasting their time. There isn”€™t anything else out there. What exists is right here, right before us.

Talk of otherwise is wishful thinking. It should be left to sci-fi movies.


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