December 17, 2007

Jim Geraghty, writing in National Review, has some advice for Ron Paul:

“In a perfect world, I’d like to see Ron Paul say, ‘My campaign has never been about money, but we find ourselves with more money than we will need from a nationwide network of generous grassroots supporters. I’m going to take what I don’t need for immediate campaign expenses and try to build a national organization to help out libertarian, small-government minded candidates at every level of government. We’re going to show that this is indeed a revolution that goes far beyond one man, and we’re going to try to return to Constitutional principles at local and state offices, and in the House, and Senate…’”

This is rich, coming from someone who has sneered and smeared anything vaguely to do with Ron Paul from the beginning. On that last link, Geraghty knows perfectly well that Ron was asked about the Trilateral Commission in one of those viewer-submitted (i.e. planted) Youtube/CNN debate questions:

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In any case, according to Senor Geraghty, the Ron Paul movement is just not viable anyway, and is likely to go off “in a thousand different directions” after the campaign is over. How the party line changes from day to day—it’s dizzing, isn’t it?

“In a perfect world,” Ron Paul should drop out of the race after the early primaries, and tell his followers to toil in the GOP vineyards, electing city councilors and stuffing envelopes for the Party. 

Fat chance!

In a perfect world Ron Paul wouldn’t need to run for President: he’d be spending time with his very large family, and probably retired by now, just enjoying life. Instead, he’s out there on the hustings dealing with deadheads like Geraghty, and a whole lot worse.

Ron Paul is in it for the long haul—at least all the way to the convention. As for whether it will continue beyond that point, as David Frum believes, or not, as Paul seems to be saying at present, I don’t know a thing, but I’ll tell you this: it’s a good thing to keep the Republican party bosses guessing.


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