April 05, 2011

Mutassim Gaddafi and Hillary Clinton

This is the most outrageous proposal since Nero named his horse a senator.

The suggestion that two of Gaddafi’s sons may inherit his mantle and a deal struck with the coalition is not even material for broken down comedians plying their trade in whore houses.

Saif and his brothers have more blood on their hands than even the drugged out paranoid Muammar has.

It was they who actually ran the system of murdering dissident students in Europe, it was they who stole billions and spent it on Russian hookers, expensive hotels, gin palaces and private jets while they cut a wide swath in American and European flesh spots.

Could the Allies in the closing days of World War II make a deal with Hitler’s son – if he had one? The answer is obvious.

Hitler only lasted 12 years. Gaddafi has been around for forty two, and his vicious abortions have been instrumental in all the worst excesses of his tyrannical regime. Mutassim Gaddafi used to party with Uday Hussein in Benghazi with Russian hookers and was known for his drug intake.

“Could the Allies in the closing days of World War II make a deal with Hitler’s son – if he had one?”

Now he pretends to have come up with a plan to stop the fighting in alliance with his brother Saif.

I know the latter and consider myself soiled for life because I once shook hands with him. (I thought he was a drug dealer because he looked so much like one.)

No, any western leader who even sits down and talks with these monsters should be drummed out and never spoken of again.

As I said, the seven brothers and their sister have more blood on their hands than the Saddam brothers and then some.

Shame on The New York Times for even reporting this vile possibility.

That’s not news fit to print. It’s news to make one vomit.

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