November 27, 2014

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So, same problem. Most blacks don”€™t want separation from whites. They want to live in a white-run society. Whatever they might say about it, that is plainly their revealed preference.

Outcome equalization.  Blacks riposte that: “€œYes, we want to go on living in the country we were born into, believe it or not: but we want to live here on equal terms with our nonblack fellow citizens. Statistical outcomes in social indicators show that we are not given an equal shake.”€

That’s the disparate impact argument. Statistical disparities like that can only be the result of malice toward blacks: of racism.  

Since these disparities have barely changed across an entire generation”€”on some indicators of household wealth, academic achievement, and incarceration they have actually gotten worse“€”it must be the case that white racism is as bad today as 25 years ago. Does anyone believe this?

Ah, but … And then comes the latest excuse: legacy of slavery, stereotype threat, unconscious bias … Excuses, according to ancient drill-sergeant’s lore, are like arseholes: everybody’s got one. Blacks and their white liberal apologists have a hundred.

There is no way out from this, no exit, no solution. This is just a cross we have to bear.

Basil Fawlty: “€œPerhaps it’s a dream.”€ (Bangs head on desk.) “€œNo, it’s not a dream. We”€™re stuck with it.”€


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