October 03, 2007

How clueless is Rush Limbaugh? This clueless:

“You know, when I talk about people who labor behind the scenes and are working hard down there in the basements and they get no notoriety or very little, very little acclaim, other than within their group, Podhoretz is one of those guys.”

Oh sure—a man whose major literary output has been, as Murray Rothbard once pointed out, “a series of autobiographies celebrating his own life and thought,” is just an anonymous cog in the neocon war machine.” As for his alleged lack of notoriety: is Rush really this ignorant? Norm is famous as the world’s most unrepentant warmonger: no armed conflict of the 20th century has gone uncelebrated by this man. Vietnam, Bosnia/Kosovo, Gulf War I, Gulf War II—and at least one war yet to come. He’s the high priest of Mars, and I don’t mean the planet. As for Poddy’s lack of acclaim: I suppose you could say that his reputation as the world’s most annoying scold, and certainly the bloodthirstiest, is not exactly acclaim, unless we include the applause for his new book, World War IV —the title limns his heart’s desire—coming from the lowest rungs of Hell.


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