If women wanted to start a bar for women only, men would not care. If men want a private club in which to enjoy male company, women explode in fury. Totalitarian.

In common with the keepers of the Russian gulag, women are more than willing to drug little boys into submission. There is a Stalinist mercilessness in this, a complete lack of understanding of, or interest in, what boys are. (“€œVe haff vays of making you….”€)

Third: Women prefer security to freedom, males freedom to security. In politics, this has ominous implications for civil liberties. In the schools, this means that wrestling and dodge ball are violence, that tag might lead to a fall and scraped knees, that a little boy who draws a soldier with a rifle is a dangerous psychopath in the making. This is hysteria.

(Stray thought: If I wanted to create a murderous psycho, I would Ritalinate him into a little speed freak, repress his every instinct, and humiliate him by having the police drag him away. It would work like a charm. In his trial, his defense would be justifiable sociopathy.)

Fourth: “€œTherapy.”€ This disguised witchcraft is very much a subset of the female fascination with emotional relations. It allows them to talk endlessly about their feelings. Men would rather be crucified. Thus everything becomes a “€œdisorder.”€ Among these absurdities are things such as Intermittent Explosive Disorder (appropriately, IED), and Temper Irregulation Disorder. These disorders have only been discovered since women took over the schools.

The list could go on. Boys, like men, are competitive, physically and intellectually, delighted to play hours of intensely competitive pick-up basketball. Women in the schools prefer a cooperative group game led by a caring adult. What a horror.

Even the ways in which men get along with each other differ sharply from the female approach. (Thus the desire for men-only venues.) For example, once when I broke a leg in a skydiving accident, the women in the newsroom were sympathetic and concerned. At a Special Forces party I attended, there was laughter and sarcasm. “€œGoddam dumbass Marine can”€™t even do a PLF (parachute landing fall) right. Hey, let’s break his other leg.”€ Translated from the male, this meant (a) that they accepted me as one of them; and (b) that to them a broken leg was not a tragedy but an inconvenience. Which it is.

Fifth: In the United States, women simply dislike men. Saying this causes eruptions of denials. If you believe these, I”€™d like you to meet my friend Daisy Lou the Tooth Fairy. Check the ranting of feminists, the endless portrayal on television of men as fools and swine, the punitive political correctness, and the silly anti-rape fantasies on campus.

In the schools this hostility takes the form of passive aggression behind the predatory niceness. “€œWe”€™re boring him to death, keeping him miserable, and sending him for psychiatric reprogramming because we care so much about him.”€ Uh, yeah.

Outside of the US, fewer women buy this. My stepdaughter Natalia, a Mexican, is working on a degree in clinical psychology and sees students”€”read “€œboys”€”€”sent to her by teachers to determine whether they have ADHD. “€œThey don”€™t have ADHD,”€ she says. “€œThey”€™re bored.”€

Finally: Women display a pedestrian practicality alien to males. If a woman needs to use a computer, she will learn to do it, and do it well. She won”€™t learn assembly-language programming for the pure joy of it. She can drive a car perfectly well but has no notion of what a cam lobe is or the difference between disk and drum brakes. This is why men invent things and women seldom do.

Boys”€™ schools, male teachers.


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