July 06, 2012

On a federal level, let’s focus on Mexicans, fat pigs, and bureaucrats. First, the Supreme Court seems oblivious to the 12-15 million illegals mooching off the system. The Court prevented Arizona from dealing with illegals at almost exactly the same time. Mexicans are a particularly expensive group of refugees because they work dangerous jobs such as meatpacking and think safety is for maricones. Many hospitals devote two-thirds of their resources to “€œundocumented workers”€ and in Los Angeles alone, this extra burden has caused ten hospitals to shut down over the past five years.

Secondly, we are gigantic. Two-thirds of American adults are obese or overweight, and whether they are insured or not, they are eating up our healthcare dollars like a deep-fried bacon double cheeseburger pizza cake. Socialism works in Northern Europe because everyone’s the same. They”€™re legal citizens with normal diets who don”€™t take more out of the system than they put in. The only thing they have in common with us is government incompetence.

And that is strike three with this seemingly logical bill. The government isn”€™t capable of doing anything correctly. Whenever I say anything remotely libertarian, liberals inevitably come back with, “€œWhat’s the matter? Don”€™t you like roads?”€ I”€™m actually head over heels in love with roads, but I don”€™t love being taxed out the ass for them and then paying toll after toll on highways festooned with Adopt-a-Highway signs. I don”€™t know how much of my tax dollars goes to the roads I drive on, but I do know it costs me $20 in tolls to go from New York City to Albany and back. It appears roads are both publicly funded and privatized. How much of my money do these people need to provide the most basic infrastructure imaginable? It’s a road!

We see the same behavior with education. The more money we give them, the more they squander. As administrations get richer, teachers get worse and test scores fizzle. To agree with the mandate and support the Supreme Court’s decision is to assume the money will actually go where it’s supposed to go. This never happens. Obama is a mo”€™ money, mo”€™ problems president and no matter how charming the pusher is, you”€™re still just helping a junkie buy heroin.
This country is a unique mess. Liberal dogma has created a culture where nobody can be bullied and now we have a bunch of self-indulgent slobs who sit in oversized chairs in ER and bitch about the sores on their legs. (I saw this with my own eyes.) The only thing the federal government can do is make matters worse, and our only hope is to have individual states say no. Let’s hope voters do the same in November.



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