February 04, 2008

Yes, there is dissent over at National Review, a few burning embers of the original faith are still smoldering, notably the sparks given off by John Derbyshire, and, also, another Brit, Andrew Stuttaford—here‘s the latter on the heresy of Zalmay Khalizad, US ambassador to the United Nations, who dared intervene during a discussion involving some Iranian government officials at a recent Davos conference panel:

“It could be, of course, that this initiative was, in fact, approved but unofficial in a Mission: Impossible sort of way, in which case circulating the idea that Ambassador Khalizad has committed some sort of infraction is itself a splendidly dishonest charade. If so, one can only applaud the cynicism, double-dealing and absence of moralistic fervor. Here’s hoping.”

Gotta love those Brits.


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