August 20, 2016

Source: Bigstock

I regret to say that my own country, Great Britain, to its eternal disgrace, has done extremely well in the latest games. Per capita it has far outperformed the United States. Though, by the same token, New Zealand, to its great and everlasting shame, has outperformed even it by as great a margin.

There was an article recently in The Guardian, the Izvestia of British liberals (liberals in the American sense, that is, not in the European economic sense), praising the glories of central planning, in witness whereof was the success”€”not to say, total world dominance”€”of the British cycling team. This was attributed to the government’s “€œinvestment,”€ in my view a criminal malversation of funds, in facilities for racing cyclists.

Let us admit for a moment what yet has to be proved, that the British success in this sphere was not the consequence of superior pharmacology: We may reasonably ask what kind of person would rejoice in such a victory for his country. Surely only a moron, though it must be admitted that such imbecility is pretty evenly spread around the globe, with the exception of India.

Truly, India is the last best hope of humanity. Long may it continue, to its eternal glory, to win no medals.


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