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Our Delicate Muslims

September 24, 2015



Rafeedie Khoury used to edit the online newsletter “€œFree Arab Voice”€ (FAV), the mouthpiece of Jordanian terrorism supporter Ibrahim Alloush. As editor, Rafeedie Khoury promoted the use of “€œhuman bombs”€ (suicide bombs) against Jewish civilians. Again and again, FAV advocated the murder of Jews via “€œhuman bomb.”€ And Rafeedie Khoury was not shy about trumpeting her role with the site. When she was chosen valedictorian of her graduating class at UC Berkeley, she proudly mentioned FAV in her official profile. UC Berkeley even sent out a special press release in which her association with FAV was highlighted. And her work with FAV is only one of many instances in which she championed “€œhuman bombs”€ and praised al-Qaeda (which she describes as an organization with “€œa desire to relieve human suffering”€). Currently, Rafeedie Khoury is a policy adviser for Al-Shabaka, a Palestinian think tank with its own controversial ties.

When Rafeedie Khoury was hired as in-house counsel by Edison in 2010, I was editor of a site called, founded by Breitbart writer John Romano. I ran the story myself, but I couldn”€™t find anyone in the mainstream media willing to pick it up. “€œOkay, so she called for the death of Jews…but has she actually killed anyone herself?”€ was the response I got from the L.A. Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, and every other paper I contacted. On the other hand, the story of John Friend (the Escondido clerk and anti-Jewish blogger) was carried all over Southern Cal, even though he, also, has never physically killed anyone. A white man’s words of hate make headlines, whereas those of a Muslim are met with a “€œmeh.”€ Does Fadia Rafeedie Khoury still support suicide bombings? Is she still okay with killing Jews? Is she still keen on al-Qaeda? Who knows; no reporter will ask her (and she steadfastly refused my numerous requests for comment). And as for Edison, it continues to show unwavering support for Rafeedie Khoury. This year, the power giant awarded her its highest employee honor, the 2015 Chairman’s Award, for “€œembodying Edison International’s values.”€

“€œIslamophobia,”€ my ass. There is a double standard, but Muslims come out on the winning side of it. They are given the kind of free pass normally reserved for the mentally retarded: “€œJust let it go…they don”€™t know any better.”€ You would think that Muslims would find this condescending attitude offensive, but don”€™t expect to hear any complaints. Far from being America’s “€œRain Men,”€ most Muslims are perceptive enough to know a good thing when they see it, and canny enough to use it as much as possible to their advantage.

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