October 26, 2007

Pat on Rudy:

A McGovernite in 1972, he boasted in the campaign of 1993 that he would ‘rekindle the Rockefeller, Javits, Lefkowitz tradition’ of New York’s GOP and ‘produce the kind of change New York City saw with … John Lindsay.’ He ran on the Liberal Party line and supported Mario Cuomo in 1994. Pro-abortion, anti-gun, again and again he strutted up Fifth Avenue in the June Gay Pride parade and turned the Big Apple into a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. While Ward Connerly goes state to state to end reverse discrimination, Rudy is an affirmative-action man.

“Gravitating now to Rudy’s camp are those inveterate opportunists, the neocons, who see in Giuliani their last hope of redemption for their cakewalk war and their best hope for a ‘Long War’ against ‘Islamo-fascism.’”

The real “Long War” is the one the neocons are fighting against authentic conservatives, like Ron Paul—and Giuliani’s triumph will be their final one


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