January 07, 2008

The exclusion of Ron Paul by Fox News has created what can only be called an anti-Fox backlash: as a direct result of Fox’s high-handed methods, Ron’s been invited back for his second appearance on the Jay Leno Show—a venue that gives Ron far more exposure than the Bizarro Channel. And on the eve of the New Hampshire primary! You’ll remember last time, when Jay made the best political joke of the season, thus inventing a whole new genre of Ron Paul humor, good-natured yet acerbic. Watch it:

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With its unique organizational structure, the Paulian movement has responded to the Fox exclusion rule by effectively saying “Hate Fox? Vote for Paul!” Apparently the Soviet-style “reporting” practiced by Murdoch’s minions has created an entire constituency who can be persuaded on that basis, like anti-abortion voters, gun-owners, and the Israel Lobby. This video is “outreach” to a rapidly growing group of single-issue voters:

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I’ll be Paul-blogging—now there’s a cute little coined phrase—all week, what with New Hampshire and all. He’s putting the fear of God in the War Party: that’s what Fox’s heavy-handed tactics are all about. Ron is exposing their game, and beating their boy Giuliani in the process. In the unlikely event that the Paul campaign accomplishes nothing else, this humiliation of the neocons makes the whole enterprise worthwhile.


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