April 15, 2007

One, two, three, four, Wolfowitz has got to go! Five, six, seven, eight, one more day will be too late. As the wise man said, once a crook and a liar, always a crook and a liar. Wolfowitz conspired with Douglas Feith to fabricate proof that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction aimed at us. After the greatest disaster in the history of American foreign policy took place, Wolfowitz was the first rat to leave the sinking Bush ship. At being named president of the World Bank, he reminded me of that other clown, Robert McNamara, who after the disaster of Vietnam went to exactly the same post. But with a difference: McNamara is a pompous grey suit, but he did not fabricate evidence to suck Uncle Sam into an Indochinese war. JFK and LBJ did that. Wolfowitz has now been caught with his hand in the till—or, rather, up his girfriend’s leg. It is her hand that’s in the till, with his approval. Ms Riza was given an outrageous salary on the orders of Wolfowitz. In other words, our tax dollars are subsidizing Wolfowitz’s love life. And to make it even worse than it is, Wolfie was supposed to stop corruption in a pretty corrupt institution. The White House, in the meantime, has reacted the way it has throughout the fiasco in Iraq. “The president has full confidence in Paul Wolfowitz,” and crap to that effect. Wolfowitz’s actions in Iraq have caused thousands upon thousands of dead and wounded. Instead of being tried for his actions, he was rewarded with one of the best jobs in the world: dishing out our tax money to corrupt African bureaucrats while establishing contacts for his future. Now he’s been cought overpaying his mistress with World Bank moolah. If this man is not fired and tried for corruption, there is absolutely no justice in what has become a ridiculous country.


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