November 28, 2015

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What does one do, go to or refuse a party after a tragic event such as the recent Paris outrage? My son happens to live next to the Place de la République, where the massacre of innocents by those nice Islamists showing off their manhood took place. He was having dinner with his two little children when the shooting started. Luckily they’re all okay, but I spent a couple of terrible hours trying to get through after the news came over the TV screens. The next evening in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum, the Costume Institute was celebrating “The Art of Style” with a black-tie dinner honoring Jacqueline de Ribes, the international style icon whose dresses are being exhibited at the museum.
I was of two minds, then decency prevailed and the whole thing was called off. It would have been pretty ridiculous. Hundreds of dead and wounded in Paris, and us fat cats dressed to the nines celebrating a Parisian lady who has dressed well for most of her 86 years. Consumerist lust: 0, good sense: 1. It also saved me from a hangover, as I loathe fashion and fashionistas, and alcohol is the only antidote to the dreaded latter.
Just before the massacre of innocents, Curt Schilling, an American sports announcer and analyst, was suspended by ESPN for equating Muhammadans with World War II Nazis. It seems that mass murderers acting on their god’s orders should not be slandered as Nazis, who acted on their führer’s dictates. Go figure! Nor, according to effete hacks of the lefty persuasion, should Donald Trump be closing mosques that preach hate against us, nor should Muslims that do likewise be registered.

“It sounds crazy, but the liberal media in Europe and in the United States are more concerned about the reaction to the ruthlessness of ISIS than the ruthlessness itself.”

It sounds crazy, but the liberal media in Europe and in the United States are more concerned about the reaction to the ruthlessness of ISIS than the ruthlessness itself. Stand up and take a bow, political correctness, you will have done more to bring about the end of our civilization than the maniacal bigots who are perpetrating these horrors daily. And if you think comedy is dead, think again. The Brussels clowns who thought up the system of passport-free travel throughout the states that signed the Schengen Agreement are huddling to find ways to assuage the suckers—us—after a summer of chaotic migration. Just think of it: Billions and billions of euros have been collected by the bureaucrooks in Brussels over all these years, thousands of laws have been passed, the southern half of Europe has regressed economically back to the early ’50s, and their greatest achievement, their most cherished accomplishment, has been to ensure travel around Europe without having to flash one’s passport.
I read somewhere that someone said that Angela Merkel has blood on her hands. She sure does. She makes a moral case for Saudi Arabia not allowing women to drive or be in politics. And what about that prehuman Australopithecus by the name of Jean-Claude Juncker, a malodorous cesspit discovered somewhere in Luxembourg whose reaction after the Paris catastrophe was to remind us that we should think of migrants and their plight? When history is written long after the collapse of Europe, those two will have replaced Nero and his fiddle. It will be Angela and Jean-Claude inviting in more hordes while the place goes up in smoke.
Let’s face it: Europe’s open-borders arrangement is effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists, no ifs or buts about it. They can come in, murder at will, and make their escape. It is like hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe. And they have been accepting it with alacrity. Human traffickers and drug dealers haven’t been doing so badly either, thank you, Jean-Claude and Angela yet again. And it all starts with the so-called elite. A humanoid like Jean-Claude and the rest of the garbage surrounding him distrust the opinions of simple folk like you and me. When we vote no it’s ignored and another vote is called for. The garbage of Brussels have totally lost touch with the people who pay their enormous salaries and expense accounts, and we in turn no longer feel represented.
Lastly, how come there are no resettlement schemes in the immensely rich Gulf States? How come Saudi Arabia, that feminine paradise where teenagers are at times crucified for holding up the wrong sign, hasn’t taken in a single migrant? Why hasn’t Europe or the U.S. demanded the kleptocrats in Saudi who financed ISIS at the start live up to their moral obligations to their fellow Muslims? Because one can’t mix morality and the Saudis. Whores, palaces, jets, and yachts—yes—but not morality. They say democracies are slow to anger, but once they do, all hell breaks loose. Yes, and there is a Santa Claus. The EU has literally killed democracy in Europe. Our anger at what happened in Paris has the bureaucrooks shrugging their shoulders in annoyance—at us. Who cares? It’s Europe, and what counts is the central power in Brussels; the rest is just stuff, nonsense that will go away. Next time you see a Brussels bureaucrat, aim some spittle at his face. I’ll pay your fine.


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