December 04, 2013

Dayna Morales

Dayna Morales

Dayna Morales is a waitress currently on suspension at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ. Ms. Morales is the most recent entrant into the growth field of hate hoaxing, i.e., falsely claiming to be the victim of a so-called “hate crime” for fun and profit. 

Here’s what happened: A family came in, had a nice dinner, and left her a decent tip. Morales repaid them by taking to Facebook and sharing a tall tale of oppression. She said that rather than leaving a tip, the family wrote a note on their bill telling her they couldn’t support her lifestyle with their money. (To the naked eye, Morales is quite obviously a lesbian.) Morales later said it “€œtook every fiber of my being not to spit in their food.”€

She apparently didn’t expect the story to go viral, but it did, leaving her in an awkward position when the family provided documentation that they had, in fact, tipped her. 

Morales allegedly has a long history as a compulsive liar. She has reportedly claimed to be a brain-cancer patient and the lone survivor of a Marine platoon in Afghanistan. She has accused her father of raping and impregnating her, then killing the baby. She tells a ripping yarn about some kind of boat catastrophe during Hurricane Katrina.

“€œCivil-rights ambulance chasers and their enablers might have to learn how to make an honest living sometime soon.”€

It’s a generally accepted fact that nearly everything that comes out of Ms. Morales’s mouth is a fabrication, cut from whole cloth to spice up a grindingly boring life.

She’s an attention whore of the type that is all too familiar on the professional-victim left. She stands in the proud tradition of hate hoaxing upon which Al Sharpton has built his career as a Democratic Party elder statesman. 

Morales is a poster child for the Obama Coalition. She’s a lesbian, and a rather aggressive and unpleasant-looking one at that. She enlisted in the Marine Corps, but in a fashion that allows her to play both sides of the fence (simultaneously tough enough and too cool for military service); and she was booted out of the Marine Corps Reserve for not coming to drills. Her current work as a waitress fits her in neatly with the Occupy crowd, who are known for putting their advanced degrees in Women’s Studies to hard work in the food-service and retail sectors. 

Who wants to work for a living when you can grab an Obamaphone and get fame and fortune as an aggrieved victim?

The family in question not only tipped Morales a respectable amount for her troubles, they also deny leaving such a note. The dad says he didn’t vote for Chris Christie due to the latter’s opposition to same-sex marriage. However, the family’s take on The Most Important Civil Rights Issue of Our Day (TM) is irrelevant: One is neither obligated to tip a server nor to approve of homosexuality. 

But Morales has learned well what conveys status in Obama’s America: victimhood. All of her lies are united by a single thread: Whereas it was once good to be the king (or even, dare one say, an achiever), now it is only good to be the victim, to be someone with a grievance that needs airing and whose solutions come from the one-two punch of government intervention and the unwashed egalitarian mob”€”with healthy assistance from people who pay the rent for both.


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