June 10, 2014

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show

So good, in fact, that some medical tourists need new ID to get back into their own countries, and even the anti-lookists at Jezebel admit they “€œCan”€™t Stop Staring at These South Korean Women Who”€™ve Had Plastic Surgery.”€ (Seriously: you won”€™t be able to, either.)

In living memory, young people have played at being the exotic “€œother,”€ a phenomenon captured in the beautifully observed 1979 film Breaking Away, about a white-bread suburban Midwestern kid who pretends he’s Italian.

Look at the Mexican kids who idolize Morrissey (for reasons no anthropologist has convincingly explained), and the Japanese youth in Yoyogi Koen who dressed as teddy boys and rockers. (Now their American counterparts read anime and collect Hello Kitty swag.)

The first English mods aped the French and Italians. Decades later, my Canadian mod-revival (and punk and skinhead) friends pretended they were English.
(Imagine our confusion when we read”€”in one of the British music papers we ritualistically consumed”€”that Rush fans in Manchester wore plaid shirts and jean jackets and dreamed of “€œvisiting Toronto one day;”€ they treasured their imported Kodiak boots”€”the loathsome footwear favored by our disgusting head-banger neighbors”€”as much as we did our Doc Martens.)

How many young non-Asian men want to be fitted with permanent yellow-face, I don”€™t know. I feel safe in predicting, however, that as plastic surgery “€œadvances,”€ we will hear about (and eventually meet) once-frustrated white Rastas and wiggers who”€™ve spent 20 grand to “€œbecome black.”€

Then they”€™ll be demanding special rights, and, yes, reparations. It will be fun to watch progressives fiddle with their already-overheated Leftist Dogma Decoder Rings to figure out just how they should react to this latest manifestation of “€œprogress.”€

(These are, remember, the same types of people who got a teacher temporarily suspended for teaching his students about the history of blackface.)

More painful to observe”€”unless medical technology steps in here, too”€”will be all these “€œborn black”€ Caucasians trying to boogie.


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