June 18, 2016

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

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We spoke to the crowd as foreigners with a deep admiration for America. Two de Tocquevilleans reminding voters that their founding fathers predicted this mess. They knew the pendulum would swing so they grounded it to the Constitution with amendments, the first two being the most crucial. This shooting was in a gun-free zone. They always are. As we pointed this out to the crowd, we were flanked by armed guards. Milo was with them the entire time and had them on the ready for his previously scheduled talks at the University of Central Florida. The school pretended they canceled his talk because they couldn”€™t afford security, but Faith Goldy went to the school and saw armed guards covering the school’s roof for days after. That’s the way it should be. Free speech is a right, so if someone is in danger by talking, it is the state’s job to ensure that happens. If Pamela Geller wants to show Muhammad cartoons, we the people commit to killing anyone who tries to stop her. The fact that so many Americans shrugged off the cancellations and saw Milo’s talks as simply too dangerous to happen makes me sick. The First and Second Amendments are inexorably linked, and to ignore them is to hand over the keys to someone else.

That was the crux of our argument. The West is imperfect, but we”€™re the best the world has to offer. Within Western culture, America is the greatest. It is the freest country in the world with the most rights afforded to gays, women, and religious minorities. In our quest for tolerance, however, we cannot include cave people from 500 years ago who want to catapult us back to the bubonic plague. We”€™re not different from Islam; we”€™re better. If they want to come here, they better take a heaping tablespoon of reverence because trying to convert us to their way of life is going to get them killed. That’s Islam’s ultimatum, not ours. So if it comes down to kill or be killed, we should be prepared to dole out the former.


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