December 04, 2007

This must feel like a leg-deadening thwack on poor old Poddy. Norman Podhoretz, first in line of warmongers—as long as none of his kith or kin have to do the fighting—must feel in a tizzy these days. A new National Intelligence on Iran concludes that the Islamic Republic’s enrichment of uranium has “long been unrelated to a nuclear weapons program.” I wonder what the Pod will do next? He wants Bush to bomb Iran, but our very own intelligence has concluded that the mullahs are not enriching uranium for weapons. But I’ve got a suggestion for Podhoretz. Label the National Intelligence Estimate (or perhaps the very concepts of “National” or “Intelligence”) anti-Semitic and then go out and buy four pizzas for your son, John. If you can’t start a war this year, at least you can keep your Mini-Me fat and happy.


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