January 29, 2016

Source: Shutterstock

It’s truly sickening to see the freest nation on earth acquiesce to tyranny so easily. Who needs thought police when we”€™re happy to censor ourselves? That’s what scares me about all this: the total and utter capitulation when it comes to not just the government but the feel-good emotional politics that dominate the mainstream media. We”€™re like the Jewish Nazi collaborators shoving our fellow countrymen into cages while mumbling, “€œBetter you than me.”€

In the relentless obsession to prove the West is racist and sexist, we are becoming racist sexists. America is probably about to elect a woman just because she’s a woman. Isn”€™t that the very definition of sexism?

I”€™m sorry if the people being oppressed aren”€™t cool enough for you. I”€™m sorry LaVoy Finicum doesn”€™t make as cool a graphic as Che Guevara, but Che murdered people. LaVoy was murdered.

True justice isn”€™t about convenience. Free speech isn”€™t about the right to say cool things, it’s about the right to offend people. I realize the Freedom Riders of the 1960s look way cooler than a bunch of freezing-cold rednecks, but that’s what the victims look like these days.

If you”€™re so into fashion, how about you stop wasting so much of it on politics and pull your pants up? Let’s get politics back to the cold, hard facts and fashion back to clothes.


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