January 30, 2024

John Fetterman

John Fetterman

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Can I call ’em or what?

From September 2023: “The GOP is lucky as hell that Dems haven’t realized just how unstoppable a ‘1994 Democrat’ would be today, especially in city and state elections.”

By “1994 Democrat” I meant a Dem who’s tough on crime, against open borders, and not into the tranny shit (which wasn’t even an issue in ’94) while still being pro-choice.

“Should Democrats ever realize that going back to that 1994 vibe would be an ultimate stake through the heart of a GOP that’s dying among swing voters thanks to Trumpism on one end and pro-life extremism on the other, GOP losses would be profound, and that’s saying a lot considering how substantial those losses have already been over the past five years.”

And guess what? John Fetterman got the memo. Not necessarily from me, because the point I was making was actually one of my most obvious. So obvious, in fact, that even a man recovering from a stroke could grasp it.

Only today’s rightists are dumb enough to never see the most obvious move on a chessboard (that’s what happens when you play in 4D).

By bringing back the “Blue Dog Democrat”—taking on the Biden Administration on crime and open borders (indeed, becoming Biden’s loudest Democrat critic regarding immigration), taking on his own party over the hypocrisy of removing Santos while coddling Menendez, protecting U.S. Steel, taking on the CCP over grabbing American land, taking on “the Squad” over Muslim terrorists, and even daring to mention the genocide of whites in South Africa—Fetterman’s become, according to polls, “the most popular senator in America,” with a 76 percent approval rating (and only 7 percent disapproval).

“By labeling everything an op, the right’s folding its best hand.”

After Fetterman defiantly told NBC News, “I am not a progressive,” he became a target of Pennsylvania’s far-leftists, who feel “betrayed.” Because yeah, in his earlier years, Fetterman seemed to be one of them. But then he had the “1994 Democrat epiphany.” Just a week ago Fetterman told the NY Post that “the progressives left me.” Police defunding, open borders, Hamas…he didn’t betray them, they betrayed him.

I tried to make this point in 2022: Stroke victims aren’t retards; they’re just trapped in a state of speech and movement impairment. Perhaps I’m hypersensitive because, thanks to the hypertension I get from some of you folks, my stroke risk indicator reads “tomorrow at 3:27 p.m.” But two years ago I made it clear that “Fetterman is a retard” was a bad strategy.

And that’s another thing about the guy. He’s willing to take positions that ally him with folks who called him a retard, the people who, seeing him at his worst, mocked his affliction and ridiculed his recovery. His positions don’t seem influenced by personal grudges.

You cannot get more not-Trump than that. Trump has no positions beyond personal grudges.

Now let’s take a look at how some high-profile MAGAs are reacting to Fetterman embracing Blue-Dogism.

Like Poso the Clown, who tweeted:

Fetterman is running an angle on talking like average Pennsylvanians so that he can undercut Trump later this year when he campaigns with Biden across Pennsylvania This is clearly an op and there’s a lot of people falling for it

An “op.” It’s all an “op.”

Fetterman’s doing exactly what every politician should be doing—he’s representing the views of his constituents, and he’s becoming popular in his state in order to help his party. That’s how it’s supposed to go, Poso you cretin. Only those who’ve lost touch with reality see normalcy as an “op.” It’s like how a septum-pierced face-tatted nipple-ringed tranny would see Grace Kelly as ugly. When you’ve lost touch with reality, the normal seems abnormal; your perspective becomes inverted.

Only a moron so lost in conspiratorial thinking and so acclimated to a political party that only knows how to shoot itself in the foot, only knows how to ignore its voter base, and only campaigns on flights of fancy instead of brick-and-mortar issues could watch a politician doing the smart, correct, and effective thing and say, “It’s an op!”

Replying to Poso, MAGA mega-influencer “D.C. Draino” added:

Smart take by Poso Fetterman may be saying things we agree with recently, but he’s still a Democrat and will be supporting Joe Biden in the pivotal swing state of PA this fall Stay frosty Don’t boost his credibility

Poso: “Don’t fall for it!”

Draino: “Don’t boost his credibility!”

Enough with the fucking don’ts, you Rain Men. How about a do?

Do replicate his success. Do as he does.

But no. The MAGA influencers who insist on seeing everything as an “op” are marching rightists ever more rapidly off the sanity cliff.

Can you imagine if this Fetterman thing catches on? If more Dems start embracing reality as GOPs flee from it? All the rightists shouting “uniparty” will, ironically, be the ones who bring about one-party rule, as Republicans lose election after election.

Last week, after Amy Coney Barrett swung the vote against Texas regarding the border, high-profile MAGAs took to Twitter to declare that Barrett is “compromised” and an “op.” Tucker Carlson ranted that he no longer trusts her.

WTF? She’s exactly who she claimed to be. She’s a single-issue baby-waby-saving Papist. If it doesn’t involve abortion, she ain’t interested. You knew this! You can trust Barrett…she told you who she was, and you cheered. What the hell made you think she had any concern about slowing Third World immigration? Have you seen her fucking family? She adopts black and brown kids like Mia Farrow on speed.

Here’s Tucker back in 2020, alongside Candace “the Jews are our misfortune” Owens, applauding Barrett for being an anti-abortion zealot, a waby-firster. Tucker knew what he was getting, and now that he got it, his only choices are, admit his own stupidity and short-sightedness, or scream (in high-pitched Tucker voice) “FALSE FLAG! PSYOP! COMPROMISED!”

Ann Coulter called this at the time, and she called it perfectly. She warned about Barrett; she even suggested better candidates for Ginsburg’s seat. But nobody listened. Because the MAGA right has only two settings these days: “follow unthinkingly” and “scream conspiracy when you step in poo because you were following unthinkingly.”

I should add that Poso’s current obsession is that Taylor Swift is an “op.”

“Ye tried to warn us about the Taylor Swift psyop and we didn’t listen,” he tweeted last month.

Now, that’s a stark contrast. Poso credited a mentally ill Holocaust-denying Hitler fanboy for trying to warn us about an imaginary “psyop,” whereas Coulter tried to warn us about something genuine with real-world consequences. That so many of you will side with Poso on this, that so many of you will think he’s the real “truther,” scares the crap outta me.

Currently, the top “psyop” being sleuthed by tards like Poso, Carlson, and Trump’s anencephalic attic child Darren Beattie (Barrett often cites Beattie as proof that fetuses without brain stems can be viable) is the January 6 pipe bomb incident. Turns out it was an FBI (you guessed it) op!

The proof it was an op? The FBI hasn’t caught the culprit yet.

Beattie will happily walk you through hours of security camera footage from when the devices were discovered, pointing out that this pedestrian walks one way when he should’ve walked the other, and this guy…look at his face! He doesn’t sport the expression I’d wear while walking down a street, so he must be a fed!

These “sleuths” fail to provide any motive for the op; the amateurish “bombs” were placed at GOP and Dem HQs, neither went off, no one was hurt, and the incident didn’t affect the J6 narrative in a way that helped or harmed the left or the right, Pelosi or Trump.

Beattie and Carlson make a huge deal out of the fact that a small group of children was allowed to walk past the DNC HQ after investigators were alerted to the device.

“A-ha,” screams Carlson! “Aglughalughlewoo,” screams Beattie (the closest he can come to human speech, lacking a frontal lobe). “This is PROOF it’s an OP! If they didn’t already know the device was a FAKE, a PLANT, why’d they let children near it?”

Uh, if it had been an “op,” wouldn’t the feds have gone out of their way to make a huge deal about “protecting” those kids? Knowing there were cameras everywhere, wouldn’t they have acted as heroes? “Get back! RUN! Booooooomb!” The passivity of the investigators doesn’t seem to reflect the attitude of people who’d created a hoax to sow fear and panic.

Carlson and Beattie (the detective team of Holmes and Yoyo) point out that Kamala Harris wasn’t whisked to safety as a precaution when the devices were found.

That’s proof of an op.

Also, Nancy Pelosi made a big deal of running for her life when the J6ers stormed the Capitol.

That, too, is proof of an op.

If you react lackadaisically, that’s proof of an op—it means you know there’s no real danger. If you react dramatically, that’s proof of an op—it means you’re hamming it up to exploit the fake threat.

Rightist sleuths know the words “double” and “bind” when used separately (Nick Fuentes at In-N-Out: “Gimme a double-double.” Ali Alexander in line behind him: “And one for the BDSM teen boy I’m about to bind”), but don’t put those two words together; it’ll be lost on them.

Isn’t it possible that the FBI hasn’t caught the device-planter not because of an “op” but because of incompetence?

See, here’s why this “op” thing is damaging beyond just being stupid. So far, 2024’s been dominated by stories about the “competence crisis” that’s largely resulted from DEI policies. Diversity hires Third Worlding the nation. Highlighting the competency crisis is the best way to sell voters on supporting the dismantling of DEI (even many liberal voters don’t want to be on a plane when the door flies off).

If everything that happens is a delicately planned, meticulously carried-out op, then we don’t have a competency crisis. We have a steady hidden hand guiding all events. Sure the hidden overseers may be evil, but they’re certainly competent. Skilled, even.

By labeling everything an op, the right’s folding its best hand. Competency crisis is exactly the message that white working-class male voters—the ones most at risk of not being hired because of DEI—need to hear right now.

But no. As a Pennsylvania stroke victim displays actual competence, the reality-detached right dismisses competence as a talking point in favor of “we’re in the Matrix” fantasies of excessively competent hidden rulers faking our daily life.

Hey…what if Poso and Tuck are the real ops?

Given a choice, I’d rather drag the right back to reality. But that ain’t happening, so I might as well turn the paranoia against the paranoid.

Maybe the true “ops” are the guys screaming “op.” Maybe they’re the conspirators!

I’m just asking qwestchins…and maybe trying to lead you away from that poop you’re unthinkingly marching toward.


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