May 16, 2011

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

Nigel Dempster, the great gossip columnist and sadly no longer living Englishman, wrote about people who “€œeither wanted to be written about or deserved it.”€ In most cases, the rich and famous who are caught misbehaving deserve no more protection than the rat who deserts the sinking ship.

Grant describes privacy as “€œone of your basic human rights”€ which should not be removed “€œjust because you”€™ve had a bit of success.”€ I have news for Mr. Grant: That right was removed long before 1984 and it ain”€™t coming back, no matter what any judge might say.

In another bewildering pronouncement, Grant defends adulterers by saying that “€œnot everyone is absolutely perfect.”€ Oh, please! Does the basic human right to privacy include protecting those transgressors who of their own volition choose to trample on the Ten Commandments? If so, it would seem only fair to afford protection to murderers and pedophiles on the grounds that they, too, are not absolutely perfect.

May heaven preserve us from middle-aged men who insist on living in the Middle Ages.



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