June 19, 2018

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In each of the above incidents, the black person was either doing something illegal (taking up two parking spaces, taking up two handicapped spaces, making violent threats, using a charcoal barbecue in a prohibited area) or violating the policies of a private business (claiming a table and trying to use the bathroom without ordering, sleeping in a common area, demanding food from a bakery that was closed, refusing to follow golf club rules, disturbing fellow tenants). Yet in each case, activists, aided by the leftist press, painted the black people as victims of white racism.

And now there’s a campaign, championed by the likes of the Huffington Post, CNN, and the L.A. Times (the latter two having run almost identically worded op-eds within four days of each other), to stop white people from calling the police on (or otherwise reporting) blacks who violate laws or break rules.

As I said at the beginning of this piece, I get it. I get it because it’s human nature; it feels great to be above the law. And I know enough about history to understand where this kind of thing leads. It starts with violating the small rules, but it won’t stop there.

Don’t believe me?

Last Friday, the Chicago Tribune ran a glowing profile of Janique Walker. Ms. Walker is leading a crusade to get “justice” for her 17-year-old brother, Charles Macklin, who was shot dead while trying to carjack a white guy. Authorities cleared the white guy of wrongdoing, and Walker is angry. Sure, her lil’ bro tried to steal the white dude’s car; she admits it. But the white man should’ve let him. “You’ve got insurance,” was her message to the ofay devil who dared to want to keep his vehicle.

The Tribune championed her cause, interviewing one “expert” who added, “I’m not going to defend a car with a gun, that’s what insurance is for. I’ll get a better one.”

Just let the black kid drive away with your car. Because white people are all millionaires with amazing insurance policies with rates that don’t rise after a claim, and with no dickering over replacement costs. Yep, if you’re white, your insurance will happily pay for a “better” car. Because white!

This is the mindset of the people who want black immunity. The rules don’t matter, the law doesn’t matter, your rights don’t matter.

Today it’s about immunity for small infractions. Tomorrow it’ll be about immunity for the bigger things. Because when in human history have racial demagogues—of any color—ever been satisfied with “just enough”?

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